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Massage your way to your smoothest complexion. Our tools sculpt, contour, and depuff while increasing lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.

Skin tools

Produced in Denmark

Natural, clean & organic ingredients

With their enriching properties, skin tools have earned well-deserved spots in a rising number of skincare routines. Especially the popular gua sha stone and facial roller are praised for their abilities to improve both the skin’s surface and health. 

The skin is the body’s largest organ and keeps us protected from external stressors such as pollution and toxins. Therefore, it’s important to keep your skin healthy and resilient, for example with skin tools. 


Why use a facial roller? 

A facial roller will stimulate a healthy blood flow in the face, which will make the skin appear more healthy and glowing. In addition, the massaging treatment will reduce swellings and improve the skin’s elasticity to leave a more even and smooth surface.

Moreover, a facial roller has the ability to lift and tighten the skin to apply a contouring effect, while the treatment will be cooling and soothing for both you and your skin.

Why use a gua sha? 

A gua sha stimulates lymphatic drainage in the skin. A process that helps the skin cleanse itself from toxins, which can help counteract impurities. Meanwhile, a gua sha activates the skin’s blood circulation, which will leave the skin with a healthier and more plump appearance. 

With regular use, a gua sha stone is furthermore popular for its ability to not only prevent premature signs of aging, but also minimize them by tightening and lifting the skin. 

Last, but not least, this facial stone has earned a spot in many de-stressing rituals due to the product’s abilities to relieve muscle tensions and enrich the skin with a relaxing massage that awakens the skin and leaves a radiant surface. 

OBS: As woods_ gua shas are created from naturally sourced crystal stone, the stones can vary in appearance concerning texture and color. 

How to use gua sha?

A gua sha has different edges with different abilities:

The curvy edge: Used for tightening areas such as cheekbones and the chin.

The smooth side: Especially used for the T-zone.

The comb-shaped edge:
Used in areas you especially want to smooth out.

Place your gua sha on the skin, and let the stone glide in upwards and outwards movements while using light pressure. Repeat the movement 5-6 times.

PRO TIP: Elevate your gua sha ritual with a facial roller if you want an extra-softening effect.

How to use a facial roller? 

Massage your facial roller against clean and dry skin in gentle upwards and outwards movements.

We recommend using your skin tools for at least 5-10 minutes per session to obtain maximum effect.

Do you need help? 

We don’t believe in half-truths – only honest communication. Therefore, we’re always ready to help you obtain a skincare routine that fits exactly your skin. You’re more than welcome to contact us – we will gladly guide you towards the products that can address your needs and wishes.