Vitamin A Cream


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Ready for revitalized skin? With the launch of our new cream, Vitamin A Treatment Cream, we’ve added a new power product to our strong and powerful skincare regimen.

Vitamin A is a collective term for a group of powerful ingredients called retinoids, who all possess their own properties and target different concerns. When applied to the skin, the retinoids will turn into retinoid acid, which will influence the skin to behave healthier and “younger” by boosting collagen production and surface cell turnover to leave the skin visibly smoother, firmer, and stronger.

In this article, we take you through some of the (many) wonderful benefits vitamin A can offer different skin types, and the skincare science behind its ability to combat their respective concerns. 

Maturing skin with (premature) signs of aging

Let’s get one thing clear: Vitamin A’s ability to speed up surface renewal is the golden ticket to defeating several skin concerns. In our cream, this essential ingredient works on a deep cellular level to reduce (premature) signs of aging by speeding up the skin’s process of shedding old and dull skin. Though this can sound intimidating, this process will leave the skin more firm, plump, and collagen-rich, while enhancing a youthful and resilient appearance.

In other words: Our Vitamin A Treatment Cream has both preventative and treating properties, you can’t let your skin miss out on.

Acne and blemish-prone skin

Are you struggling with stubborn blemishes, recurring impurities, or acne scarring? Then you may have found the perfect remedy. By regulating sebum production in the skin, Vitamin A Treatment Cream effectively helps prevent breakouts, while the boost of the skin’s cell turnover process will help fade scars, as the newly revealed, smooth skin will leave a more even appearance.

If you do struggle with impurities, and you decide to try out this blemish defeater, be aware that first-time users of vitamin A can experience a reaction called skin purging. If this occurs, all you have to do is keep calm and keep going – it’s a completely normal and natural reaction, and we promise you that the results will be worth your patience (If you feel uncertain, feel free to write us, if you have any questions on how to deal with it).

Pigmentations & uneven complexions

Back to the basics: Cell turnover can work magic on the skin. By boosting the skin’s surface renewal, Vitamin A Treatment Cream helps reduce the visibility of sunspots, pigmentation, melasma, most inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), and overall uneven complexion. Working in depth of the skin to stabilize pigmentations, this cream will ultimately leave a more even and balanced complexion.

Also enriched with protecting ceramides, moisture-encapsulating lecithin, smoothing shea butter, plus powerful antioxidants, the skin will not only seem healthy and nourished on the outside but also feel it on the inside.

In short: This cream is just what our skin has been waiting for!

Vitamin A Cream


With this product, patience is key. Due to its strong, active ingredients, we highly recommend that you go slowly but steadily with this wonderworker to avoid overwhelming your skin. If you’re new to vitamin A, start by applying the product 2-3 times a week, and then gradually increase to every other day. As your skin builds up a tolerance, use it once every night. While your skin is adjusting, apply the product in your PM routine to let it sit and do its work overnight. And as always – but especially with this product as part of your routine – apply sunscreen after!

Vitamin A works hard in the skin to ensure long-lasting and skin-changing effects. And as great results can take time, don’t find yourself disappointed if your skin hasn’t transformed completely within the first week. Depending on the individual skin type, benefits such as improvement of fine lines can take three to six months of regular use before showing on the skin – while it can take six to 12 months for the best effects to appear. One thing’s for sure: We guarantee you it will be worth the wait!

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