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Just when you thought, we’ve mentioned all the superstar ingredients, we’ve saved the best for last - niacinamide. A multi-tasking skincare superhero that can handle a big amount of skincare concerns. From barrier function to healing of troubled skin and stimulation of collagen production.

To niacinamide or not to ...

Definitely yes to niacinamide! Niacinamide is skincare’s new superhero ingredient. From the power to help reduce acne-troubled skin (by reducing inflammation), hyperpigmentation and wrinkles to the ability to increase perfect tightness and elasticity and preventing damage from free radicals. Furthermore, some studies have shown, that it has the ability to ease early symptoms of rosacea by increasing hydration and strengthening the barrier function – which ultimately will help prevent further breakouts in the future. But hold on – the list of benefits continues. By using your niacinamide product alongside additional active components, it might even make them better. Try for instance to combine your niacinamide product with hyaluronic acid to increase the product absorption. Thus, niacinamide is a standout because of its versatility for almost any skincare concerns and skin type. It might vary across products, but most formulations have a niacinamide concentration on 5 % or less – this, for instance, is also the case for woods_copenhagen’s Nicinamide Lifting Mist.

What is niacinamide?

But what is niacinamide, and how do we use it? Niacinamide belongs in the category of B3 vitamins – a high-strength, water-soluble nutrient that works with the natural substances in your skin and can increase collagen plus ceramide production in the skin. Niacinamide is one of the most studied skincare ingredients because of its unique multi-tasking behaviour. Over time the ceramide in the skin is weakened and the skin is left vulnerable to all types of problems - from spots of dry, flaky skin to gradually becoming more and more sensitive. Niacinamide helps renew and restore the skin surface by protecting it against moisture loss and improving its natural production of supporting ceramides.


It may not look like it on the surface, but your skin (especially stratum corneum – the outermost layer of your skin) is constantly working hard to protect the additional layers of the skin. Niacinamide does it all. But most of all, it actually works - and to sum it up, we’ve listed some of the benefits niacinamide include below. Any skin type can benefit from including niacinamide in their daily skincare routine. For visible results you should use it twice a day (morning and evening) on cleansed skin - and for more accurate and optimal effect you could go for mists that penetrate the skin more directly.

Studies has shown, that niacinamide:

  • Regulates oil. Niacinamide can help regulate the amount of oil and prevent the overproduction of sebum.
  • Minimizes pore appearance. Helps keeping the skin smooth and moisturized
  • Treats hyperpigmentation. By ensuring an even distribution of pigments to handle spots or sun damage.
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Creates an all-natural defence and tightness the skin.
  • Immunity. Niacinamide leads to an increase in protein synthesis - for instance a build-up of Keratin – a component that strengthens the barrier function.
  • Heals. Helps against acne-troubled skin – by reducing inflammation.

niacinamide lifting mist

Ready, set, refresh! - Niacinamide Lifting Mist

A good facial mist can work wonders especially on-the-go, on a plane where the air-condition might dry out the skin or on sun damaged skin. From cooling characteristics to mastering moisture – our Niacinamide Lifting Mist is a must-have power-refresher that instantly awakens, revitalizes and lifts the skin while providing it with a topped-up level of moisture. There has been a rapid development in skincare products and there’s a lot out there. Luckily, the focus is more and more on being able to document that the ingredients in the products actually work. This is exactly what woods_copenhagen is doing with all products - allowing quality and efficiency to go hand in hand.

With both preventative and soothing competences this power-packed mist is infused with key ingredients such as niacinamide to improve the skin’s elasticity and glow, calming and cooling organic cucumber and activating Aloe vera – and it can even be applied over make-up. Did we mention it was a power-refresher?

It refreshes and moisturizes with its unique content of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals; check!
It is packed with nourishing aloe vera that cleans, clears and soothes; check!
It has a high amount of niacinamide that tightens and protects against signs of aging, hyperpigmentation and acne: check!

How to

Close your eyes and hold the spray approximately 30 cm from the face and allow a few splashes to land on the face, neck and chest. Apply it before additional skincare such as serums, oils and/or moisturizers. Use Niacinamide Lifting Mist after cleansing your skin (morning and evening) and let it gently work its way into epidermis (the skin’s first layer) or use it throughout the day – at any occasion and any situation. Additionally, you can spray Niacinamide Lifting Mist onto a cotton pad and gently brush it over the face, neck and chest.

Okay yes, we get it - niacinamide is incredible, but what is the conclusion? … The conclusion is niacinamide works wonders. There’s without a doubt no reason to wait with adding niacinamide to your skincare routine. It brings multiple benefits and has abilities way beyond other skincare ingredients.

Psst… Niacinamide Lifting Mist comes in a perfect travel size making it the perfect on-the-go skincare accessory.

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