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By Team woods_

Beauty enthusiasts can talk endlessly about the importance of skincare routines to rejuvenate the complexion and minimize tell-tale signs of aging. So why do we always neglect the skin on our hands? Just like our faces, the hands are exposed to an abundance of environmental stressors every day. Think UV rays, pollution, and dramatic weather changes as we dash around the city.

The secret to maintaining hydrated, supple and youthful looking hands is simple — just extend your skincare regime right down to the fingertips. From cleansing and exfoliation to intense moisturization, the new woods_ hand care range is an essential edit of everything you need to achieve beautifully soft, nourished hands.

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The new normal — meticulous hand washing followed by liberal pumps of sanitizer — has left our hands feeling dry, cracked and entirely ignored. A soothing hand wash has now become the ultimate luxury, transforming the rigmarole of hand washing into a calming ritual. 

With this in mind, woods_ created the Aromatique Hydra Hand Wash — a refreshing, super hydrating hand wash lightly scented with natural lemon iris and rose flower. As a welcome antidote to the harshness of alcohol sanitizers, its anti-drying effect preserves your skin’s natural oils and soothes your hands after every use.

Uniquely formulated to maintain the skin’s moisture balance, the addition of organic aloe vera will revitalize and soften your skin. While the powerful infusion of detoxifying spirulina algae — renowned for their anti-ageing properties — defends the skin from free radicals and other toxins to keep your hands looking youthful.


Exfoliation is a key step in every skincare routine. It not only removes dead cells, but it promotes healthy skin turnover, improves circulation and allows for increased absorption of moisturizer. But still, we rarely take time to exfoliate the hands. The new Rejuvinating Refine Hand Wash with volcanic rhyolite aims to change this — bringing the myriad benefits of exfoliation straight to your fingertips.

Each ingredient in the formula is designed to leave your hands feeling silky-smooth. The natural grains of lava effectively remove impurities from the skin by lifting dead cells from the surface. Simply apply the product to wet skin, thoroughly massage the hands and rinse off with water. The addition of glycerine — a moisturizing agent that pulls water into the outer layer of your skin — ensures the skin is left hydrated. With the refreshing scent of natural mint, our exfoliating hand wash is destined to be your new skincare saviour.


 With the winter months fast approaching and temperatures dropping, dry hands are a perennial hazard. woods_ Restoring Antioxidant Hand Lotion, pumped full of skin-enhancing active ingredients, has arrived just in time to revive your hands and lock in moisture.

Rich in Vitamin E, organic shea butter, buckthorn and argan oil, this restorative lotion plumps and deeply moisturizes the skin while tackling chapped and irritated areas. Both lightweight and quickly absorbed, our lotion delivers an instant boost of hydration for a soft and slip-free finish.

Consistent application of hand moisturizer will ensure your skin remains supple and prevent any cracking. woods_ Repairing Hand Balm is perfect for those on-the-go moments, keeping your skin beautifully hydrated and protected throughout the day.

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