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3 Perfect steps to self-indulgence. We love face masks! Besides nurturing and cleansing, they provide the perfect opportunity to get a bit self-indulgence into your everyday life. Because let’s face it - a day in your own company with a selection of delicious skincare products is healthy for both body, mind, and soul. Sling yourself into wonderful masks and creams that not only make your skin look its best, but also evoke a happy mind and healthy soul. We give you 3 simple steps to your very own skincare indulgence at home.

STEP 1: Wash away the day

Clean skin gives free passage. But did you know that almost five out of ten women don’t cleanse their skin every day? We can’t’ stress it enough – the key to healthy and beautiful skin begins and ends with clean skin. We’ve listed 3 reasons to help you remember the importance of cleansing your skin – every day.

The skin on your face is way more delicate and subtle than other parts of the body. Besides keeping it healthy, cleansing your skin when the day is over (every day) is alpha and omega for your costly beauty products to have an optimal effect. When the face is set free from makeup residue, dirt, pollution, and dead skin cells, the skincare products have free passage to penetrate the skin and do what they need to, whether that is moisturizing, tightening, or softening.

Furthermore, atmospheric pollution (which the skin is in constant contact with) is also one of the important reasons to cleanse the skin every day. It has been proven that smog and pollution on the skin give earlier signs of aging and an unhealthy appearance, which is why it’s important to cleanse the skin free from the particles and impurities.

Last but not least; if you use makeup, it goes without saying that it’s a good idea to wipe the board clean, so it’s ready for another round of makeup the day after. Regardless of your skin type, go for cleansers that are free from perfume and harsh soaps that might irritate and dry out the skin.

Our Daily Foaming Cleanser is perfect for the job. With both mild and natural, active ingredients, it counteracts dryness and irritation to gently restore the skin’s natural pH-level.    

So, there you have it. Three perfect reasons to why you should cleanse away the day – everyday.

Exfoliate and cleansing mask

STEP 2: Masks on! Exfoliate and cleanse in depth 

However, for some, daily cleansing can't do it alone. Observe your (cleansed) skin in daylight and determine its state. Is it greasy on the surface? Are the pores enlarged and clogged? Do you have impurities or spots bothering you? Then it's time for a deep cleansing. A good cleansing mask makes a crucial difference in battling these everyday challenges.

When you exfoliate your skin, you remove the top layer of dead skin cells and bacteria. A deep cleansing treatment is essential if you want to cleanse in depth and not just superficially.

If your skin is prone to impurities and pimples, a clay mask is perfect against clogged pores that causes the grimes. We highly recommend using our Deep Cleansing Mask once or twice a week. Not only does it cleanse immediately, but also on a deeper level.

The mask’s active ingredients, such as bamboo coal especially suited for oily, combination, and blemish-prone skin, reduce the invisible precursors to impurities by drawing out impurities from deep within the skin’s pores, while glycolic acid (for description, see previous post) effectively removes dead skin cells to reveal brighter, fresher, and revitalized skin. 

Generally, one can never give the skin too much moisture, and a nourishing mask is good for all skin types. But everything in moderation. While you may realize how brilliant, fun, effective, and easy it is to actually use a mask - a general rule is (as with everything else) – not to overdo it. Listen to your skin and observe it. 

STEP 3: Finish with a boosting serum and face cream

After cleansing and before day cream, apply a serum. Always remember to nourish your skin after a nice cleansing. This way, you avoid unnecessary dryness and irritation – and even achieve a smoother base for your makeup. Your skin will let you know what it needs – the difficult part is to listen to it.

Choose a serum that meets your skin's needs – e.g. fighting wrinkles. If this is the case, go for a serum with anti-age abilities such as our Vitamin E Serum - a perfect, multifunctional supplement that doesn’t contain perfumes, parabens, and colorants. Enriched with natural aloe vera and cucumber, this facial serum provides the skin with a boost of concentrated, natural vitamin E to help defend against free radicals from air pollution. In addition, a good face cream that nourishes the skin completely is unavoidable. On the contrary, it's super important. Our Daily Hydra Cream is a lightweight facial moisturiser that keeps the skin smooth and vitalized – and acts as the perfect shield against wind and cold temperatures.

Discover our wide range of carefully selected skincare products including our bestselling Daily Foaming Cleanser, Deep Cleansing Mask, and Vitamin E Serum.

To sum it all up

We hope you enjoyed our 3 simple skincare steps to the perfect home indulgence. With this method, we ensure you that your skin will have the best conditions to maintain a beautiful and healthy appearance. Give it that extra bit of attention, love, and care. Trust us, it’s worth trying.

Psst... The best time to put on your mask is actually just when you get out of shower, as the steam makes your pores open up and thus become more receptive towards the mask's wonderful properties.

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