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Natural hyaluronic acid that provides hydration and retains the lips’ moisture balance along with avocado oil, rich in omega-3 and vitamins, that adds all the important fatty components. Combined, they form the perfect ingredients to efficiently nourish and hydrate. With its moisture-retaining abilities, woods_copenhagen’s Lip Repair contains a combination of well-known and new, innovative ingredients – that primarily are natural – but above all active. We’ve gathered 3 easy steps guiding you to the ultimate lip care routine for healthier lips. The aim? To provide the best circumstances possible for your lips to look and feel the best they can.

Mind the thin skin in 3 easy steps

The best defense against dry, irritated and damaged lips? The right care. Cleansing and nourishing the lips is a perfect self-care time-out - making it a ritual rather than a duty might even make it fun and perfectly rewarding. The lips are one of the most attractive areas on the face, but they are also often neglected. Lips are covered by a finer and more fragile layer of thin skin. The thin skin causes the red color of the lips we know, as it lets blood vessels shine through. But thin skin also means that our lips easily dry out, fray and fracture, when faced with strong wind, cold weather, dryness in the air and dehydration. The climatic conditions therefore have a great impact on how the skin on our lips behaves. For some, dry and irritated lips only emerge in connection with illness or in the winter, but for others, irritated lips are a constant problem. Giving your lips a loving boost now and then is the best defense to prevent them from fracturing. With 3 easy steps we guide you to the ultimate lip care routine. 3 approaches that ensure you soft, healthy and strong lips.

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Keep them hydrated

Step 1: Cleanse and exfoliate

The aim is to optimize humidity, repair and hold moisture. Coat your lips with a lip balm that actually prevents and protects them from getting damaged. woods_copenhagen Lip Repair is a perfect tool to keep your lips soft and hydrated. Made from moisturizing and regenerating ingredients such as; natural hyaluronic acid, that helps the lips to retain their natural moisture balance – meaning less need for application over time. By replenishing moisture, hyaluronic acid benefits and rebuilds dry and damaged lips. Lastly avocado oil, rich in fatty acids, promotes the softness and ensures that the lips stay hydrated and moist. Dehydration can draw moisture from the lips and in the long term dry them out. Therefore, it’s important to drink plenty of water since low water intake might affect the pH-value of your saliva and thereby cause dryness. Whenever you feel your lips are starting to feel rough or dry, and you are tempted to lick them, please avoid this. When you lick your lips, a chemical reaction from your saliva begins drying out the skin and eventually make them lose even more moisture.

Keep them pomaded

Step 2: Use a lip balm that actually works

And how it all works in practice? Lip Repair works primarily by putting a protective layer of fat over the thin skin on your lips. The oily compounds moisturize dry and irritated skin and help eliminate dead skin cells and impurities. The protective layer helps reduce evaporation thus protecting the lips. Let it fully soak in before applying a second thin layer. Lip Repair works equally well as an intensive treatment for dry and damaged lips as it does as a touch-up balm.

Keep them healthy

Step 3: SOS for irritated and damaged lips

The aim is to maintain well-kept and healthy lips longer. For both health-related and refinement reasons you’ll have to be cautious with what you put on your lips – and which treatment you give them, as the area is immensely fragile. Even though your lips don’t have any signs of irritation or dryness, building up a barrier at an early stage is the best way to protect the fragile skin and preventing damage – get a perfect start with our organic lip balm (see previous mentioned Lip Repair). One of the ordinary reasons for your lips to experience irritation is as revealed, dehydration. This means, the fluid balance and the balance of vitamins and minerals must be maintained carefully. Adding vitamins to the equation will help the body’s blood cells to multiply and boost the circulation, thus helping your lips generate new skin cells that make them softer and healthier.

The fractures that occur due to dry and irritated lips can be very painful and even take weeks to heal. If your lips don’t respond to emollient cream or oils and you experience dryness, pain and fracture over a longer period you should consider an even thicker and intense lip cream. Our Instant Repair Balm, formulated with natural shea butter, is the perfect SOS. It works equally well as an intensive treatment for dry and damaged skin as it does as an overnight lip treatment. See our entire selection here.


Avoid tearing the skin flakes off dry lips as this can lead to open wounds and inflammation. Instead of ripping off loose skin, you may want to try gently exfoliating your lips with a clean washcloth or a gentle, natural lip scrub.

Pssst… besides being more comfortable, nicer and inviting with soft lips, your lipstick also looks better on well-groomed lips.
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