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Oily Skin

With our collection of power-samples, you get to experience all the benefits of selected products on your own skin.
By only paying the shipping cost of 6 euros, you can get your hands on a series of product samples, collected to match your skin type, and remedy your skin issues.

And no need to worry if you do fall in love with these wonderworkers, because by ordering a mini sample-kit, you also get a 20% voucher on your next order!

Get the oil under control with six easy steps in your weekly routine that will help you get there faster.

Containing a combo of some rather powerful ingredients like zinc PCA, salicylic acid, and AHAs, this kit will help decongest pores, soothe inflammation and make you see real results you’ll want to stick to.



Daily Foaming Cleanser

Pore Minimizing Serum 

Daily Mineral Gel (Women) / 24-Hour Hydra Gel (Men)

Intense Peel Mask 

Deep Cleansing Mask 

Intense Hyaluronic Mask


*Please be aware that it’s only possible to purchase one Mini Collection per customer.

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