Our Paper Suppliers are FSC-certified. That means all our paper packaging is sourced from forestsoperating in environmentally and socially responsible ways.


    We only use recyclable glass, aluminum, and virgin plastic.


    We believe in a minimalistic approach to beauty, where we only use the necessary ingredients - responsible sourced.

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70 per cent of waste from the beauty industry is not recycled, we aim to choose reusable and degradable packaging whenever possible. Respect for nature and the human body are the very core of our brand. Here´s what to do:

Aluminum tubes

Around 75 % of all aluminum is reused, and this material can be recycled endlessly without compromising its quality.

1. Cut the tube open at the very top. Don’t cut it in half, as smaller pieces are less likely to be recycled.

2. Remove excess product, rinse thoroughly with water, and toss it in a container for metals or at the community recycling station.

3. Remove the cap and toss it in a container for hard plastic.

Glass containers

When it comes to glass, color matters. Clear, brown, and green are preferred for recycling programs. Glass can be recycled endlessly.

 Disassemble the pump from the container and rinse the container thoroughly with water before tossing it in a container for glass.

2. Snap the plastic pipe from the pump and toss the pump in a container for hard plastic.

3. The plastic pipe cannot be recycled, as it contains metal pieces – dispose of this part in your residual waste bin.

Plastic bottles

Reusable plastic can be recycled several times if you dispose of it responsibly.

 Disassemble the pump from the bottle and rinse the bottle thoroughly with water.

2. Toss the bottle in a container for hard plastic.

3. Snap the plastic pipe from the pump and toss the pump in a container for hard plastic. Dispose of the plastic pipe in your nearest container for residual waste.

Cardboard boxes and outer cartons

Don’t forget to recycle the box your product came in, too. Luckily, paper and cardboard are easy to recycle – just dispose of it in a paper waste container.


Oh, and did we mention that all our packaging is made from paper that is FSC-certified and sustainably sourced, so the goodwill is full circle?

The planet thanks you!

And so does your skin. If you're ready for more good-for-your products, we've got you covered.

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