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Woods_copenhagen makes an effort to offer a transparent website with relevant content fitted to you. In order to do so, we use technologies that collect, process and sort information regarding how you and other visitors use (“The Website”). By this policy we wish to create transparency and give you a complete overview of what the processing of your personal data entails, what you have to be aware of, your options to oppose the processing as well as how we and third parties install and use cookies. You may contact us should you have any questions regarding this Cookie Policy by sending an email to


By using the Website and clicking on “allow all cookies” on our cookie banner the first time you visit the Website, you consent that woods_copenhagen use cookies as described below. If you choose “use necessary cookies only”, you reject al cookies apart from the cookies that are a necessity for the Website to function. You always have the possibility to withdraw your consent by blocking cookies in your web browser.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device when you visit the Website in order to make your experience more efficient. The meaning of the word “cookies” in this policy and consent text also includes other kinds of automated data collection, e.g. Flash-cookies (Local Shared Objects), Web Storage (HTML5), JavaScript’s or cookies placed by the usage of other kinds of software. The word “cookies” also refers to information about IP- and MAC-addresses and other information about your device.

There are basically four types of cookies, “technical cookies”, “statistic cookies”, “personalized cookies” and “marketing cookies”. Technical cookies secure the functionality of the website and does not collect information about your digital foodprints, which is why we do not need your consent. Statistic, personalized and marketing cookies, on the other hand, does collect information about your digital foodprints, which is why we need your consent before setting them on your device.

Cookies can be used by woods_copenhagen and third parties.

You can find more information on:

A detailed description is to be found in the cookie overview.

How to avoid and delete cookies?

If you do not want woods_copenhagen to place or read cookies on your device, you have the possibility of withdrawing or changing your consent by rejecting cookies in the “cookie overview” below. You may also block cookies in your web browser. How to block cookies depends on what kind of browser you are using. Please remember, that you will have to withdraw, change or block cookies in all of the browsers you have used.

What cookies does Woods Copenhagen use and for what purpose?

We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and analyze our traffic. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners whom may combine it with other information that you have provided them or that they have collected from your use of their services.

Processing of personal information

When using cookies, a processing of personal information might occur, which is why we highly recommend for you to read our privacy policy that describes our processing of personal information as well as your rights.

Cookie overview

Below you can see what cookies our Website uses and for what purpose