Collection: Skincare Kits

Make your skincare rituals as easy as 1-2-3 no matter your skin type with kits from woods_ copenhagen. Small routines or advanced regimes - each bundle is assembled with hydrating heroes packed with ingredients that work effectively together. Assembled to achieve a glowing and balanced complexion. 

Kits for

sensitive skin

A selection of gentle products packed with mild yet effective ingredients to preserve and protect the skin’s natural balance. 

Kits for

oily skin

A collection of our most powerful blemish-fighting and purifying products to keep your complexion smooth and perfectly matte. 

Kits for

dry skin

Douse your complexion with our kits of replenishing wonderworkers to turn dry, dehydrated, and tight-feeling skin supple and bouncy. 

Kits for

normal skin

Active ingredients, powerful formulas, enriching products. Elevate your routine with our collection of nourishing bestsellers to keep your skin balanced and protected. 

Kits for

maturing skin

A beneficial bundle of enriching products, carefully composed to smooth out rough texture and fine lines and leave the skin with a soft touch and youthful glow.

Kits for

combined skin

Care for dry patches and oily areas all at once with this versatile routine of treating and skin-optimizing products for combined skin.