Collection: Skincare Kits

Tackle the most frequently asked skincare conditions and make your skincare regime as easy as 1-2-3 with skincare kits from woods_ copenhagen. 

Small routines or advanced regimes - each bundle is assembled with hydrating heros packed with ingredients that work effectively together.

Assembled to achieve a glowing and balanced complexion.

Oily, dry, sensitive, normal, or maturing skin? With woods_ skincare kits, you get a tailored routine with effective products selected based on your specific skin type. Assembled to combat skin concerns and promote a healthy balance. 

Whether you wish for a simple routine with the essential staples or an extra indulging routine that treats your skin a little extra, you’ll find a skincare set that matches your needs. 


Why choose woods_ skincare kits? 

It can be challenging to navigate in the skincare world. Therefore, we assembled our skincare kits to make it easy for you to establish an enriching routine and tackle the most common skin concerns. 

In doubt about your skin type? 

If you’re in doubt about your skin type, we have the solution for you. With our Skin Quiz, you can get your skin type analyzed based on a series of questions, so you’re sure you choose the right skincare kit for your skin type.

What do the different categories mean?  

Our skincare kits are divided into three categories: 3-Step Routine, Treating Kit, and Complete Kit. 


3-Step Routine is for those who adore the simple and fast morning routine, but still love to treat their skin with the necessary hydration and nourishment.    


Treating Kit is for those who not only wish to retain their skin’s balance, but also treat concerns such as impurities, lack of glow, dryness, or clogged pores. 


Complete Kit is for those who love to indulge their skin with masks and other enriching products that’ll elevate their routines.