Collection: Moisturize

Gels, creams, oils, and balms enriched with natural and organic ingredients uniquely formulated to meet different skin needs and preferences. Keep the moisture barrier intact and the skin fully hydrated all day long with our selection of moisturizers.


The benefits of moisturizing products

A healthy moisture balance is vital for the skin’s well-being and appearance, as replenished skin will be more resilient towards skin concerns and therefore both feel and look healthier. 

Whether you’re bothered by dryness, impurities, premature signs of aging, or dull skin, moisturizing products can be the remedy to counteract these challenges. This can be everything from a daily moisturizer, oil, or serum, which all contain moisturizing ingredients that keep the skin bouncy and smooth.  

Moisturizing ingredients can work in different ways. While some work on the skin’s surface to encapsulate moisture while performing as a shield against external factors such as pollution, others work deep within the skin to provide long-lasting moisture and protect the skin’s natural moisture content. 

Different types of moisturizing products 
There’re many ways to provide the skin with the necessary amount of hydration. A moisturizer should (at least) always be part of your daily rituals, but it can be highly beneficial to add other enriching products to your routine for the best results possible.  

At woods_, every single moisturizer is created from a lightweight formula infused with hyaluronic acid; a strong ingredient that works as a magnet for moisture. Our moisturizers are Daily Hydra Cream, Daily Hydra Cream Sensitive, 24-Hour Hydra Gel and Daily Mineral Gel. 

A refreshing mist is an effective way to boost the skin with some extra hydration on the go, on hot days, or during long days in front of the computer. With its addition of niacinamide, our Niacinamide Lifting Mist has properties to smooth, soften, and strengthen the skin. 

Masks can fulfill your routines with enriching, high-performance ingredients. For example, our Intense Hyaluronic Mask is enriched with both hyaluronic acid as well as carbamide, which strengthen the skin’s barrier function and thereby ability to retain and obtain moisture. 

Whether your skin is dry or just in need of a replenishing treatment, a moisturizing serum, for example our Intense Hydra Serum, can be your way to realize your dreams of smooth and bouncy skin. 

Body care 
When you’re moisturizing, don’t forget your body! With our 100% natural Body Oil, you’re ensured silky-soft and smooth skin from top to toe. If you experience especially dry areas or damaged skin, our Repair Body Balm could very well be the remedy your skin’s been longing for. 

Eye cream and lip treatment 
While our Complex Eye Cream addresses fine lines, dark circles, and crow’s feet by providing intense moisture and nourishment to the fragile eye area, our Lip Repair and Instant Repair Balm prevents and treats damage while ensuring soft and plumped-up lips.  


When does the skin need moisture? 

If the skin doesn’t get a sufficient amount of moisture, it’ll gradually turn more dry and dull in texture and appearance. Therefore, it’s important to nourish it with moisture regularly.

When should I moisturize? 

We recommend you use your moisturizer twice a day as well as after long periods of sun exposure, dry climate, and after a shower. 

Generally, it depends on your skin’s needs, and if you, for example, experience a tight feeling in the skin, it can be a sign of lack of moisture. 

Should I moisturize even though I have oily skin? 

Oily skin types also need daily moisture. If you don’t moisturize your skin enough, you can stimulate it to produce an excess amount of oil to compensate, which can lead to impurities and clogged pores.