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Winter does not only call for Christmas carols and present wrapping. The cold season can affect your skin in lots of unwanted ways. Here is why and how you should care a little extra for your skin when the cold weather hits.

Essential winter no-can-dos:

It’s important to look out for the many ways in which your skin can signal that it needs a helping hand. It may start out with irritating dryness and redness, but your skin can develop painful cracks and wounds if not treated correctly. And we definitely don’t want that – so how do we avoid it?

While a long, hot shower can seem tempting during the cold season, there’s a good reason why these are probably a bad idea. The hot water can contribute to drying out your skin, which is why you should consider lowering the temperature and treating your skin with some extra moisture afterward. By over-cleansing your skin, you also risk breaking down your skin’s natural barrier of oils, leaving it dry, sensitive, and vulnerable to extraneous threats. 


Cold air, hot showers, and indoor heaters blasting hot air are all factors that can cause dry and fragile skin during winter. If you want to spoil your skin, it’s beneficial to switch out your current skincare routine with products that provide your skin with even more hydration. It might also be a great idea to apply moisture several times a day, preferably in the morning and evening, so you’re sure to keep your skin soft and soothed. And when it comes to long-lasting hydration, our Daily Hydra Cream is perfect for the job! With hyaluronic acid, this lightweight moisturizer delivers an instant hydration boost as well as a protective barrier against environmental factors. Enriched with actibiome, which actively restores the skin’s pH balance and natural bacterial flora, it strengthens the skin’s natural resistance against irritation, blemishes, and redness. Quite a power-product if you ask us!

With a great moisturizer in reach, you’re one step closer to achieving that radiant look we all desire. Moisture works wonders on your winter skin, and if you want the best results, treating your skin from the inside out by drinking lots of water is a great way to achieve a healthy appearance.

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