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In their article, These Danish Beauty Brands Will Make You Feel Like You Woke Up in Copenhagen, WHO WHAT WEAR dove into the world of Danish skincare with the motivation that “The Danes have a simple yet effective approach to their skincare routines that any beauty lover can appreciate.” And woods_ copenhagen earned a spot on the road to the Scandi, natural, and glowy look that WHO WHAT WEAR admires so much. Our Daily Hydra Cream, Intense Peel Mask, and Vitamin Lifting Serum were the products that WHO WHAT WEAR deemed as must-haves for a Copenhagen-styled skincare routine. And we understand why.

Our bestseller, Daily Hydra Cream, is known and loved for its nourishing and deeply hydrating ingredients, which will effectively leave the skin smooth, supple, and soft to the touch. WHO WHAT WEAR especially recommended it, as “Dry skin types will appreciate this antioxidant moisturizer that packs on hydration without feeling heavy.” And for your weekly skin pampering, treat your skin with our wonderful Intense Peel Mask. As WHO WHAT WEAR said: “With a formula made with lactic and glycolic acids, this gel mask will exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving the skin glowy and even-toned” – what’s not to love?

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And lastly, the Vitamin Lifting Serum will take your routines to new heights. WHO WHAT WEAR praised this product as it “(…) tackles wrinkles, fine lines, texture problems, and more due to the presence of peptide Argireline, amino acids, and sodium PCA.” With its ability to promote collagen production and slow down muscle movement that leads to wrinkle formation, this is the perfect botox-in-a-bottle for all of us who want to keep our skin happy, healthy, and young-looking – but make it natural. We thank WHO WHAT WEAR for composing this simple yet perfect skincare routine for the natural Copenhagen-glow.

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