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Facial oils. We love them, we need them, and our skin craves them – and with Vogue's article on 12 of the best facial oils to revive parched skin, it’s never been easier to find the perfect facial oil to combat dryness once and for all.

Dryness can occur due to various reasons – however, it’s always an unpleasant experience. Most can feel their skin begging for moisture in numerous ways; mostly, it shows up as cracked, tight, and flaky skin that both looks and feels uncomfortable. So how do we make sure that we hold on to the moisture that provides us with that youthful glow and smooth appearance, we hold so dearly?

A moisture-boosting routine along with a filled water bottle is always an ideal place to start, but we also need a way to keep all the hydration goodies in – and this is where a facial oil comes into the picture. And stays there.

Vogue cited our dear founder, Martin Lyne, on the (unfortunately often overseen) importance of using facial oils, if you’re dealing with dryness: “Face oils are occlusive ingredients that create a physical barrier to trap moisture,” he explains.

For this reason, facial oil should always be applied as the last step of your routine (after moisturizing) and applying it at night can be a great advantage to your skin, because it makes sure that the indulging ingredients of your products work more effectively beneath it.

vitamin face oil

But serving as a protective moisture barrier is only one of the numerous benefits of facial oil. As Vogue puts it: “Facial oils drip-feed fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants into the topmost layer to soften, brighten and trigger repair.” 

Hereby, it’s safe to say that facial oil is a must in your routine, if your skin lacks hydration – trust us, your skin’s true potential is just waiting beneath that dry surface.

Now that we’ve dived into the multiple reasons why facial oil is always a good idea as the last step of your PM routine, you might be curious as to how to get into facial oil. Luckily, Vogue takes our hand and guides us through some of the most nourishing and beneficial facial oils out there – and lets us in on what they can all offer our skin.

Among these, Vogue decided that our beloved Vitamin Face Oil earned a spot for its enriching ingredients and skin-optimizing effects. Vogue writes: “This 100 per cent natural oil is packed with replenishing argan oil and cloudberry to improve elasticity, deliver a mega-dose of brightening vitamin C and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier.” Truly the perfect way to both provide your skin with the moisture it’s been longing for and keeping it in to give you that glowy, supple, and healthy look, we adore. 

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