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By Team woods_

Hi there, I’m Xenia @xeniaemily. I’m a mom, daughter, wife, model, designer, artist, sister – and huge fan of ‘Dumb & Dumber’, the world’s greatest movie ever made (the most important thing in life is to laugh). 

Xenia Emily

QUESTION: What is your favorite city in the world and why?
ANSWER: Currently Copenhagen; I just became a mother and now truly realize how incredibly lucky I am to be from such an amazing place as Denmark (Copenhagen). It is great for mothers and families. The values this city has is suitable for every single phase in your life!

Xenia Emily skincare routine

QUESTION: Who inspires you and why?
ANSWER: There are many people who inspire me - it has to do with the subject and what phase in my life I'm in. For the past year or two I have been incredibly inspired by women who dare to show the reality from being pregnant, giving birth to living the life with new life in their hands and all the changes that come with it.

Q: What is one thing you could never live without? 
A: Sneakers. I really don’t understand how some women can go to work in high heels every day (Also carrying a 10kg baby in heels is impossible for everyday life). And I really think if a designer made heels that are good for the feet (and beautiful ofc), they would rule the world!

Q: Do you have any hidden talents? 
A: I think I cook really well. My other talents aren’t hidden (see my Instagram for artworks).

Q: When do you feel most beautiful? 
A: When I feel loved and appreciated. But also when I use the right creams for my skin.

Xenia Emily

QUESTION: What is your latest buy? 
ANSWER: A David Shrigley t-shirt from a current exhibition in Copenhagen with a big ice cream saying “LIFE IS FANTASTIC”. 

Q: Your best childhood memory? 
A: One year as a child my parents and three brothers would help me write a letter for Santa with my biggest wish. We would throw it out the terrace window from our apartment, my dad would secretly pick it up, and there was a special delivery for me at the door from Santa on one of the preceding Sundays to Christmas. The pack was bigger than me, and it was the biggest, most beautiful doll house! I will never forget how special it made me feel, and I will continue that "tradition" with my son. 

Q: Your favorite thing to do when you're alone? 
A: Wander around another city than my own, research for new design and designers around the world, find presents for the people I care about, to be creative. 

Q: If Instagram was a person, what would you say to her/him?
A: I hate you and I love you.

 Favorite healthy snack? 
ANSWER: Every time I tell this to someone, they become addicted themselves, so watch out! The absolute best snack bar in the world: Organic Food Bar - Active Greens Chocolate Probiotic, healthy, and tastes like cake. Even perfect to have with you when traveling and you can’t find any food around (they fill you for half an hour) I travel nowhere without it.”

Q: What words do you live by? 
A: Laugh your ass off every day, or else you are doing something wrong!

Q: Your favorite beauty tip? 
A: Clean your skin every morning and every night, and use cream with hyaluronic acid such as woods_ copenhagen Intense Hyaloronic Mask. Nothing is sexier than a beautiful skin!

Q: What is a beauty trend you are obsessed with at the moment?
A: The one I always come back to: beautiful healthy skin with only the necessary: either mascara or eyeliner, naturally marked brows and a bit of blush. For a night out I would use both eyeliner and mascara, and probably also some BB cream.

Q: What beauty advice changed your life? 
A: Hyaluronic acid and cleaning my skin morning and night! It changed my skin from a complicated and always completely dry skin (flaky dry) to a moist healthy and beautiful looking skin! Also, I have a tendency to develop enlarged pores and oily skin around my nose, and that is almost completely gone!

Q: What is your favorite skincare product?
A: woods copenhagen_ and The Ordinary. I have everything from woods_ copenhagen and use it ritually! I tried hyaluronic acid the first time from The Ordinary, but now, I get that from the Daily Hydra Cream from woods_; I’d like to try The Ordinary foundations.
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