Hailed as the future of skincare by diverse beauty-oriented brands and selfcare-enthusiasts alike, the movement cleanical skincare is a hybrid of the terms “clean” and “clinical”, describing a fusion of clean formulas and the power of science-backed ingredients. 

With the rising popularity and demand, we at woods_ decided to deliver our take on why the cleanical approach should be on top of your mind when choosing what to put on top of your skin. 

Uncompromising, result-oriented, safe

Though numerous consumers believe that whatever beauty product they reach for will only do their skin good, lack of transparency and varying regulations in the beauty industry has disrupted this rightful wish and expectation for many.  

Here, cleanical skincare enters to put the ‘care’ back in skincare by encouraging skincare users to avoid toxic, allergenic, and other types of harmful ingredients that can cause both immediate and long-term damage to the skin’s health. 

Meanwhile, opting for clean formulas shouldn’t equate to compromising on the efficacy of your products. Therefore, when following a cleanical approach, you base your choice of products on the true effects they can offer your skin. This means that the benefits are well-documented, the ingredients are well-researched, and the formulas contain active ingredients that will enrich your skin time after time. 

Stock your skincare shelf with cleanical products

Following the cleanical approach begins with boosting your knowledge. Educate yourself on ingredients and their effects. Do your best to examine ingredient lists before purchasing a product to investigate whether its effects have been documented or if the ingredients in any way pose a threat to your skin type, concern, or your skin’s general health.  

By turning your attention towards the parallel of scientifically proven promises and naturally sourced ingredients, you can effectively elevate your routines and stock your shelf with products that will leave your skin thankful. 

woods_ copenhagen: Raw nature and efficacy, bottled

Combining efficiency and naturalness to create skincare that actually works is the core of our brand. Based on the formula you choose, our products will work to treat your specific skin concern, leaving you confident and your skin visibly improved.  

Our commitment to both performance and cleanliness is at the root of our brand, which is why all our products are formulated in close cooperation with leading Scandinavian experts, engineers, and beauty experts.  

Since the beginning of woods_ copenhagen, we’ve conducted multiple test studies on various products with participants that have provided us with real results from real skin that has experienced the enriching effects of woods_. In addition to this, our products have gone through thorough testing processes – and our dear customers have provided various reviews over time that help prove our point, which you can check out on our website and Instagram. 

Our products are designed, developed, and produced in Denmark, and every ingredient is harvested from raw Scandinavian nature, extracted from natural plants, herbs, and nourishing berries, chosen based on the highest quality and purity standards, as we formulate to the highest standards in the world – the European standards. In other words: Questionable ingredients never come near our formulas.  

Though many are under the impression that the cleanical philosophy is a relatively new tendency, we at woods_ are proud to say that we’ve practiced its values right from the beginning.  

In short, woods_ skincare is skincare that you can trust and count on. And if you have any questions regarding our products, you should always feel free to reach out to us! 

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