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It’s a seemingly never-ending circle: You get stressed, your skin gets stressed, then you get stressed about your skin being stressed. When you feel overwhelmed, your skin can react in various ways. Some experience dryness while others get breakouts like never before. Either way, stress isn’t welcome in our lives (including on our skin). Here’s how you can look out for skin reactions caused by stress and how to treat them.

The circle off stressed skin

Some unhealthy skin conditions are caused by emotional turbulence. And we all know it’s hard to feel relaxed when it feels like your own skin is working against you.

What actually happens when you feel stressed out is that your skin releases a stress hormone called cortisol, making your body head into emergency mode. This will make your body’s defense go down, resulting in it being more vulnerable to harmful, external stressors. Meanwhile, your skin’s oil production will increase, and your skin will ultimately end up being way more sensitive, inflamed, irritated, or break-out prone. 

We’re pretty sure most of us have been bothered by our skin at some point. Who hasn’t tried waking up with a huge blemish on the day of an exciting event? And worst of all, for some, it ruins the whole mood of the day. All in all: The stress from our skin not looking and feeling its best can worsen our mental state further, causing the skin to react even worse. So, how do we break this cycle?


It’s important to treat the problem from the core – from the inside. Ask yourself what you truly need or maybe miss during the fast-moving everyday life. Exercise and yoga are great ways to unplug and get a chance to listen to yourself and your body. It’s important to allow yourself to do something you love – every day. Whether it’s a couple of hours or minutes, if you feel like knitting, reading, or going for a run, you should always make space for that type of self-care in your schedule.  

When it comes to treating stressed skin, there are also some steps you can implement into your daily routines to reduce the look of tired and dull skin.

Our Intense Hyaluronic Mask is the perfect supplement to your much-deserved me-time days. Indulge yourself in a relaxing and nurturing treatment as this mask allows you to bring the spa experience to your own bathroom.

This moisture-bomb is formulated with skin-replenishing and hydrating properties to apply and retain moisture in the skin, leaving it soft to the touch and with a youthful glow. Applying a mask is always a great way to destress, and it will leave you with the feeling of having done something truly great for yourself – and your skin!  

If you experience the effects of stress on your skin, ingredients like repairing vitamin E and calming niacinamide probably deserve a spot on your skincare shelf. While the repairing vitamin E replenishes and smooths skin, the anti-inflammatory ingredient niacinamide strengthens and hydrates the skin effectively. These are the main characters when the mission is to soothe and calm irritated and inflamed skin.  

AND ALSO: Sleep! Sleeping enough is a key ingredient to both a healthy look and a healthy mind. And if it doesn’t come right away, don’t worry. As with pretty much everything else, it’s all about routines. 

Self-care and its many benefits

A nourishing diet, regular exercise, and lots of sleep. It’s probably no news that all of these are good for you. But a long bath, a face mask, and great skincare products are small steps that can go a long way – both for your mental well-being and your skin. Shop some of our favorite de-stressing products below! As we mentioned: It’s a circle – why not make it a great one?

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