Sun Protection - The Best Tips


By team woods_

Did you know that your skin getting tanned is simply a sign that it’s trying to defend itself against damage from UV light? 

And with the sun being known as the leading cause of effects such as premature signs of aging, skin discoloration, permanent skin damage, and even skin cancer, practicing sun safety should always be one of your main priorities when spending the day outside. So, here’s how we like to do it. 

Block UV rays with style 

Though it might seem contradictory to cover up when the temperatures begin to rise, this might be just what you ought to do. We all know the seemingly everlasting pain of sunburned shoulders – but throw on a light scarf, or breezy shirt and you’re sure the fun won’t be spoiled by redness, blisters, or itchiness.  

And don’t underestimate the protective powers of a hat or cap. Not only can a hat help shield your scalp, ears, and face from potential sunburn (depending on the type of hat), but it can also help spare your eyes from the bright rays of sunshine.  

Add a pair of sunglasses to prevent the rays from damaging both your sight and the delicate skin around your eyes, and you’re good to go – smart AND stylish! 

Sunscreen (AKA rule no. 1) 

Your sunscreen’s got you covered (pun intended) – but only if you apply it the correct way. So, get the most out of yours by making sure you choose the right SPF and reapply it when needed (at least every 2 hours when in direct sun). 

If you want to know all the factors you should take into account when choosing your sunscreen, head to our blog post HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT SUNSCREEN to learn even more.  

Psst… be mindful of expiration dates, as well. Your sunscreen will do you nothing good if it’s expired – which kind of defeats the purpose. So, though you might want to reach for last year’s sunscreen, we promise you won’t regret investing in a new one to optimize your regimen.  

Sun Drops – The sunless way to a radiant tint 

If you do long for the luminous glow, but still want to keep your skin safe and healthy, we’d like to turn your attention towards self-tans. With their ability to provide the skin with an immediate, vibrant bronze, these types of products are considered the safe way to a healthy glow. 

Our Sun Drops are formulated with natural self-tanning drops that deliver a sun-kissed appearance perfectly matched for your unique skin tone. No orange residue, no UV exposure, no skin damage involved – the result is simply a radiant tint, regardless of the season.  


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