Skin purging and why it's a good thing


By team woods_

Imagine it: You’ve just added a new product to your skincare collection and can’t wait to try it out and see the promised results for yourself. But, as time goes by, and you continuously feed your skin with the product that promised you so much, your skin only seems to get worse. Flares and breakouts rise to your skin’s surface, and you start to feel panicky, because what if you did permanent harm on your skin by choosing the completely wrong product?

Let’s let you in on a skincare phenomenon called skin purging, which is what you most likely could be dealing with. In this article, we try to answer most of the questions that typically arise during a skin purging. A little note to begin with: No need to panic.


Skin purging can show up in a variety of ways, but most commonly, it makes itself apparent through pimples, flares, whiteheads, or even cysts in or on the skin. Though this can sound terrifying, it’s actually not (at all) as bad as it sounds – frankly, skin purging is normal and can even be considered a good thing. Though the uncomfortable effects can call out for a little extra care for the skin during this period.

Most people experience this reaction as a result of using a product that speeds up the cell turnover process, for example vitamin A. But before the new, healthy cells can reach the surface, some of our less favorite skin opponents must appear first; this could be excess sebum and build-up that can end up clogging pores. It’s a reaction that can take up to six weeks of starting your new product but trust us: The results are worth the wait. However, if your skin is causing you too much physical or mental harm during your skin purge, we always suggest you visit a dermatologist for advice on your specific condition. 


Determining the difference between skin purging and regular breakouts can be challenging, but here’s some signs you can look out for:


Spots appear where they usually do and disappear faster than a normal impurity would. This is your skin telling you that it’s adapting to a new product, and that the product is doing the necessary preparation for the results, you dream of.


Spots will appear where you don’t usually get them and take longer to break down and disappear. This is your skin telling you that it’s reacting to something that doesn't work with it but against it.


The harsh truth is that there’s no profound cure for skin purging – it’s often a necessary evil, when it comes to transforming your skin for the better. You can, however, minimize the purging by giving your skin a slow introduction to the product, thereby getting your skin used to it before jumping in headfirst (quite literally).

Start by using your product once a week, and then you can gradually build up your usage with your skin’s resistance. If you want to try out a new woods_ product, but you’re unsure how to get into it, you can always find a guide on how to start out on our website. And, if you do experience breakouts and impurities: Do not pick them – this can lead to scarring and infections, meaning unnecessary and permanent damage from a temporary reaction.

Our biggest advice on skin purges is to not stop using the product. Stick to a gentle routine that’s mild on the skin but keep the product in your it to give it a chance to fulfill its purpose.

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