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When we say we love our products for their high-performing ingredients and revitalizing results, we don’t want you to just take it from us. That’s why we always cherish seeing our products earn recognition for their skin-loving and optimizing properties from our lovely customers as well as acknowledged magazines that, like us, are equally passionate about the skincare field.

We dedicated this blogpost to highlighting some of the essential factors about woods_ and our products presented in Sheerluxe’s article: The Scandi Brands Taking The Beauty World By Storm. And as for the title, we couldn’t help but agree, as our utmost mission is to make every customer feel comfortable in their own skin by diminishing skin concerns and most importantly, emphasize what they love about it.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into some of Sheerluxe’s reasons why you need woods_ on your radar (and skincare shelf!).


It’s always been our purpose to create products that are mindful of both the skin and our planet. That’s why we were honored when Sheerluxe recognized us as “(…) one of the more sustainable options on this list, with recycled packaging and organic ingredients sourced from nature.”

We always try our best to make the process of creating our products as meaningful as possible. For example, our arctic spring water – a key ingredient in many of our products – is responsibly sourced from a natural spring in Northern Greenland, where it’s tapped by local workforce, without damaging the surrounding nature. When shipped to Denmark, where we produce our products, it’s transported on cargo ships that would otherwise return empty. All efforts like these are made from a hope that every small approach will make a difference in the long run.

Sheerluxe further praised our formulations, as they mentioned that “Woods Copenhagen uses high-quality, non-toxic extracts in its skincare, all of which is free from toxins, pesticides and phthalates.” At woods_, we believe in a simple yet effective approach to skincare, which is why you’ll only find clean products that wants the best for your skin in our collection. No harsh ingredients, no toxins – just enriching blends, with every product catering for the skin in a different way. Simple as that. 

Oh, and we weren’t too mad about Sheerluxe’s extra points for our stylish packaging either. Nothing wrong with effective products that also look good on your skincare shelf!

Skincare packaging


Continuing their thread on our clean ingredient lists, Sheerluxe added: “With options for men and women, everything – from the creams and cleansers to the serums and body oil – is made with sensitive skin types in mind, so you needn’t worry about irritation”.

At woods_, we believe that skin types are different and therefore crave different remedies and treatments. However, our products are perfectly suitable for every gender, as they’re purely made from enriching and active ingredients, and whether they work to protect, strengthen, or hydrate, your skin can benefit from them no matter your gender. For example, exfoliating and strengthening facial oils can be a good way for the bearded fellas out there to keep their beard clean and the skin beneath soft and healthy.

We’re therefore happy that Sheerluxe highlighted this versatility, and furthermore that they pointed out that fear of irritations should never be a concern when reaching for a woods_ product. 


When recommending woods_ products for their readers, it came as no surprise that Sheerluxe put special attention on our bestsellers, as they wrote:

“If you’re new to the brand, try the Daily Hydra Cream which helps protect the skin against pollution and free radicals with a gentle mix of nourishing oils and fruit extracts, or the Daily Foaming Cleanser which contains aloe leaf water to soothe skin without stripping it. One of the brand’s most loved products is its Intense Hyaluronic Mask, made from sea buckthorn and hyaluronic acid for a serious hit of moisture.”

And well, with their thorough description of the abilities of these wonderworkers, it seems as though there’s no need for other arguments as to why these products deserve a spot in your routine. But of course, if you need guidance or simply want to learn more, you should never hesitate to drop us a message! All we can say is thank you to Sheerluxe for expanding the visibility of woods_ and what our products can offer your skin.

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