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By Hanni Gohr, Model and Influencer


When all of a sudden, my life is the equivalent of woolen socks, blankets, and staying in (or actually just staying on the couch), it is not only my social life that needs some extra attention. In the transition from autumn to winter, my skin craves some tlc too.

My natural vitamin D-infused summer skin loses its glow bit by bit, and come end of autumn, I really need to start thinking about boosting my skin. The switch to colder weather means dryness and the occasional breakouts. 

All woods_ products can be used through all seasons, but my skin care regimes are simpler in the summer and tend to be more advanced in the winter season. Cold weather intensifies the effect of drier-feeling skin because humidity levels drop, and therefore, there is not enough moisture in the top layer of the skin. I’ll need hydrators like serums, oils, & masques to stop moisture from escaping the skin. 

So, take advantage of your hermit crab state of mind and get ready to boost your skin (from the couch, if you will). Last winter’s routine feels like a hazy memory, so I’ll do a simple home spa recap with a few woods_ favourites.

Hanni gohr

First up, I need to prep the skin so it is ready to soak up all the moisture served. Cleansing is a fundamental step in skincare routines and needs prioritizing. Cleansing leaves your skin ready for the moisturizing rituals and aids the absorption of the beneficial ingredients.

The Daily Foaming Cleanser is perfect for winter, and it does not steal my beloved moisture. This foamy cleanser is gentle and only requires my even gentler fingers to do an easy facial massage. Note, I am not talking about a deep tissue face massage here, the keyword is being gentle, and I always take my time during cleansing. By 'time', I simply mean for a good minute or so. This massage allows all the good stuff in the cleanser to work its magic, and remember, this is YOUR scheduled “me-time”. While on the cleansing subject, the antioxidant ingredient like cucumber water and the soothing aloe vera are all there to aid your glow.

This little 1-minute practice will leave my skin thankful, and furthermore, the massage will get my blood circulation going and improve my natural sparkle.

While I am at it, I’ll do some essential pre-mask-prepping and exfoliate. Deep Cleansing Scrub has winter written all over it. It is made for removing tired skin cells and invigorating the skin. I recommend using this scrub twice a week.

And now, the grand finale, the moisture cocktail. Intense Hyaluronic Mask is a favourite at the Woods HQ. This darling is already a woods classic and though it feels light, make no mistake about it; this will nourish any dryness away.

It is a potent moisturizing formula with VIP ingredients, namely fatty acids, the omegas, vitamins, not to mention the queen, hyaluronic acid, which locks in moisture. Give it 30 minutes or, as I like to do, use it as an overnight masque.

Better yet, now that I have my radiance back, I’ll leave those woolen socks behind, because ‘Tis the Season’ for glowing skin ...who am I kidding, all seasons are for beautifully glowing skin. 

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