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Deep-tissue-massages are a new wave in the world of skincare that has the purpose to relieve tension and stimulate lymphatic drainage to flush out toxins. Not only is this a great way to give yourself and your skin an anti-stress treatment, but it’ll also visibly tone, lift, and tighten the skin, making it firmer and younger-looking. All these benefits in one (or two) simple tool(s).

Odalisque Magazine reviewed our Contouring Facial Roller and Sculpting Face Gua Sha and had a lot to say about their effective properties. As Odalisque mention themselves:

"(...) the best tools take time to find, and now I found not one, but two."

Odalisque had a hard time choosing between these wonderful skin tools – and we can understand why. Luckily, there’s no need for favoritism, because as Odalisque writes: “They just feel so different from each other, the roller is smoother on your skin, and nicer to use on your forehead and to sculpt your cheek and around the eyes” whereas “The contouring facial roller helps stimulate the skin’s blood flow while visibly lifting and tightening the skin for a healthy and radiant appearance.”

Face Gun Sha

Therefore, there’re plenty reasons why you should reserve a spot for both tools on your skincare shelf. The conclusion? Odalisque said it best: “The Gua Sha, is great to sculpt your face and really work your deep-tissue while the Contouring Facial Roller – which works in the same way is a bit more easier to use and drench lymphatic and work to detox your skin.” Truly essentials to perfect every skin-loving routine.

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