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Most of us have been there: We thought we’d finally gathered the ideal skincare collection to fulfill our skin’s needs – with every product made from natural and nourishing ingredients, perfectly matched to our skin type and its challenges. Still, this seemingly perfect routine can’t seem to keep off the breakouts, dry patches, or irritations. So, where does it (really) go wrong? 

Tip #1: Skincare goes beyond the wonderful products you use in your daily rituals.
Meaning, to figure out what’s causing your skin trouble, you’ll also have to take a deep dive into your daily habits – in other words: What you put your skin through in between your products. So, let’s learn from our mistakes together, shall we?

Your daily tools are filled with small bacteria-villages

… And you’re exposing your skin to all of them, even putting many of them in direct contact with your face. You see, some of our every-day use items such as make-up brushes, pillowcases, wash cloths, and towels (we won’t even begin to mention our phones…) can gather lots of harmful bacteria and build up time after time we’re using them.

Yeah, we know. Sorry for putting that picture into your head. Exposing the skin to these bacteria continuously can result in them accumulating on the skin, causing the dreaded breakouts and irritations.

The good thing is that this issue is fairly easy to overcome. It all begins and ends with what habits we incorporate into our lives. Make it a routine to cleanse and wash these items 1-2 times a week. It may be a bother to begin with, but we promise it’ll be worth it.

You don’t get enough sleep

 It can sound like an annoying, motherly advice, but that doesn’t make it any less true. When we sleep, our bodies go into a kind of self-repairing mode, where it resets our energy levels, regenerates cells and tissue, and strengthens our immune system.

Put simply: Getting a full night’s sleep is the place to start if you want to achieve healthy habits, a healthy mind, and healthy skin.

A good sleep schedule will give your body the time it needs to heal and renew where it’s needed, and also give you the energy to make the best choices for yourself (and your skin) the following day.

You don’t remove your make-up… ever…

Now, the thought alone is enough to send chills down our spines – unfortunately, many of us have been guilty of doing this at some point or another (or even for longer periods of time). Removing your make-up before bed or before exercising is essential, as your (leftover) make-up will turn into a layer that your skin won’t be able to breathe through, trapping oil, excess sebum and build-up beneath, which can easily develop into breakouts and irritations.

Removing your make-up should be an indulging and nourishing treatment. We find that it’s the perfect, de-stressing way to mark the end of the day and prepare ourselves for a good night’s sleep – but it can also be a fun way to pump ourselves up before hitting the gym, as we play our favorite songs while cleansing through.

Skin Perfector BHA


The skin on our body is tougher than the skin on our face ­– but that doesn’t mean that the skin on our body doesn’t need any help staying strong and healthy.

Breakouts or dry skin on the back, arms, neck, and several other places are common, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Here’re a few ways we can help reduce the chance of it developing:   

Cleanse & clean. It’s essential, also to your body. Don’t stay in sweaty workout clothes for longer than necessary and make sure you cleanse your body after rinsing out your conditioner (as the fatty ingredients of your favorite hair products sitting on your body for too long are one of the main reasons for skin issues such as bacne).

PRO TIP: If you’re dealing with breakouts or generally uneven skin on your arms, try using our Skin Perfector 2% BHA on them – a smoothing and cleansing exfoliating might just be the remedy your skin has needed to defeat the stubborn bumps and impurities. Even, smooth, and glowy results await.

Keep it nourished. Breakouts are not fun, but dehydrated skin most certainly isn’t either. Keep your skin soft and dewy with a mild body oil to prevent flaky and irritated skin. Our all-natural Nourishing Body Oil instantly smooths the skin with a nourishing mix of Nordic oils, cloudberry, and blueberry seed oil for soothed and rejuvenated results. 

Want to learn more about how you treat your skin the best and avoid pitfalls? Read our blogpost on Common Skincare Mistakes & How to Avoid Them to make the road to happy and healthy skin a smooth one.

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