Holiday Skincare Kits


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Our holiday just got a bit more indulging!

Besides pampering ourselves with hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, and cozy blankets, our new Holiday Kits just arrived to take our (well-deserved) staying-in evenings to the next level.

With the seasonal stress of gift-shopping and tight schedules sneaking up on us, it’s especially important we make sure to keep our holiday spirits high. And with our Holiday Kits, putting selfcare on the to-do list has never been easier.


Dull skin? Meet our Merry & Bright Kit! A skin-optimizing set, composed of indulging products to take your routines to new heights. Our Intense Peel Mask, Vitamin Face Oil, and Gua Sha work together as a dream team in this kit to ensure that toned, lifted, and glowy complexion, we long for. 

merry and bright

Tightening, rejuvenating, and brightening properties are just some of the reasons our Intense Peel Mask earns a restock time after time among our customers. This peeling facial gel mask effectively enhances cell renewal while exfoliating away dead skin cells to leave the skin healthy and radiant while counteracting premature signs of aging. In other words? If you’re longing for that youthful and smooth complexion, reach for Intense Peel Mask.

As for our Vitamin Face Oil and Gua Sha, this dynamic duo work great apart but amazingly together. Use your Vitamin Face Oil as the last step of your PM routine to seal in skincare-goodness, or massage it in with our Gua Sha for an extra-nourishing, treating ritual on the days your skin deserves an extra boost.

But the amazing feel of gliding the massaging Gua Sha across your skin is not the only reason this skincare tool has earned a spot on many skincare-enthusiasts shelfs.

Apart from its healing properties, your Gua Sha will also work to tone your skin, relieve tensions, and promote a healthy blood circulation to ensure an overall healthy appearance.

The conclusion? Our Merry & Bright Kit will offer numerous benefits to fulfill your much-needed break from the fast-moving everyday life of the holiday month.


What if we told you that you don’t have to let the colder season reveal its effects on your skin? Our Let It Glow Kit is here to defeat dry and dull winter-skin to ensure that radiant complexion your skin has been missing while fending off harsh weather and dropping temperatures.

let it glow

Let our Deep Cleansing Scrub, Daily Hydra Cream Sensitive, and Sun Drops work wonders in your routine and enrich your skin with their glow-boosting and perfectly moisturizing properties.

We love to use our Deep Cleansing Scrub in the shower in between our shampoo and conditioner to make sure our skin is perfectly damp and ready to absorb all the enrichment it’ll offer.

With its content of finely ground natural volcanic rhyolite, this wonder-product effectively dissolves dead skin cells to provide purifying and anti-aging effects to our skin. The result is nourished and deeply cleansed skin from within, ready to take in all the skincare-goodies of the products to come.

We always follow this treatment up with some refreshing moisture to keep our skin healthy and balanced – and our Daily Hydra Cream Sensitive certainly knows how to do the job.

This lightweight cream effectively boosts skin regeneration while keeping our surface smooth and silky-soft to the touch.

And let’s introduce you to the icing on the top of this radiance-building kit. Our Sun Drops are carefully developed to match your unique skin tone and provide that tinted finish, we’ve been missing since summer – meaning, a beautiful, sun-kissed radiance without any orange residue. Simply mix a few drops into your daily moisturizer and apply it to your skin – the more drops, the deeper the tan.

The perfect gift for someone you love (including yourself)

Whether you’re a true skincare enthusiast or have just taken a peek into the skincare world, our Holiday Kits provide the perfect addition to any indulging routine.

These skin-loving kits will undoubtedly be the essential gift for someone you think deserves a gift that keeps on giving – or if you simply want to treat yourself a little extra this holly jolly season (you deserve it!).

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