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By Team woods_

Karina Galindo model

QUESTION: Tell us who you are in a few lines.
ANSWER:  Hola! I’m Galindo - an architecture-studying, intuitive, powerful, and spiritual human being. Half Danish, half Peruvian woman, currently living in Berlin.

Q: What is your current mood? 
A: Female empowering. Woooo. I’m loving it. Currently feeling those woman power energy through me, and it just sets an endless mood. 

Q: What is your favorite city in the world and why?
A: AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND. Oh wow.... This sacred land opened my heart and eyes with its incredible energy. Changed my life, and left me with emotional both happy and sad tears. New Zealand being colonized so late, makes the city very young and its nature very old. The feeling of untouched nature is truly powerful.

Q: Who inspires you and why?
A: Mhh, many people inspire me.. But if I was to mention my main inspiration atm, it would be my badass boyfriend. Through hard work and kindness, he worked his way up making music in Berlin, from dish-washing boy to his first gig for HBO as an international composer.

Q: What is the one thing you could never live without?
A: Cake.

Q: Do you have any hidden talents? And when do you feel most beautiful?
A: I can (almost) do the splits!!! When my heart is happy.

Q: What is your latest buy?
A: Inline skates!!!! (+ wrist, elbow, and knee protectors ofc) I literally can’t wait for the rain to stop so I can go try them all over Berlin.  
Karina Galindo

Q: Your best childhood memory?
A: As a child, I lived in Peru for many years, and my mom would always insist to go traveling to rural places there. There were trips deep in the Amazon, to the mountains, and the sand dunes in the desert... But the best one must have been the road trip we did through the Andes Mountains and to Cuzco, ending in Machu Picchu. I must have been 6 or so, and I remember how scared I was about the small dirt roads on top of the mountains but how thrilling it all was. My parents would always stop along the way to show me a native plant, or a wild animal, or just for the sake of having a break of fresh air and enjoy the views of the mountain chain that seemed to never end.

Q: Your favorite thing to do when you’re alone?
A: At the moment, it's me in yoga pants, incense, looooots of snacks, and a book. I like the stretch and read kinda scenario.

Q: How do you stay healthy?
A: By listening to my body. Doing sports, whether it is weights or yoga, and conscious eating.

Q: Favorite healthy snack?
A: Banana, oat milk, frozen strawberries – blend. YUM

Q: What words do you live by?
A: The powerful now.

Q: Your favorite beauty tip?
A: Don’t pick your pimples! So hard not to, I know – but it has saved my skin.

Q: What beauty advice changed your life?
A: Cliché.. but true. Yoga. Best advice from my mama.

Q: What is your favorite woods_ skincare product/products? And why?
A: Intense peel mask. Seriously. It is beyond incredible. Coming from a person that only uses the minimum possible beauty stuff. My face is like a baby butt after the wonder mask. 

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