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Your eyes reveal everything. Therefore, it’s essential to remember to nourish the delicate areas around the eyes with an eye cream. Unfortunately, this is one of the steps that are often neglected, as many mistake the skin around the eyes for being as robust as the additional skin on our body – but it’s time to rethink this view. Let’s take you through all the reasons why an eye cream is (always) a good idea, and why our Complex Eye Cream deserves a ritual spot in your skincare regimen.

The importance of eye cream

Is an eye cream really necessary when I already use a moisturizer? The answer is a loud yes. Sure, an everyday moisturizer should hold an undisturbed spot on your skincare shelf – together with your eye cream, as the delicacy of the area around the eyes calls for extra attention and care.

The skin around our eyes is way thinner and more delicate than the rest of the skin on other parts of our bodies. And because of all the work our eyes do throughout the day, from blinking to expressing emotions, this alone can lead to wrinkle formation as we age.

Treating your eye area with a nourishing eye cream is therefore an efficient way to keep this delicate skin soft, hydrated, and young-looking, and not to mention–keeping those dark circles and under-eye bags at bay. By supplying your routine with our skin-loving Complex Eye Cream, which is enriched with rejuvenating AGH and nourishing jojoba seed oil, you’ll experience line-minimizing and smooth results, your skin will thank you for.

The takeaway? Our eye cream is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of the eye-area-skin, as it’s composed of cooling organic cucumber, antioxidants, and active ingredients that address the most common problematics within the eye area.

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The how and why of Complex Eye Cream

The wonders of Complex Eye Cream stem from its 3 essential abilities; firming, boosting, and brightening.

But how are these properties achieved? As mentioned, Complex Eye Cream is enriched with natural alpha glucosyl hesperidin (AGH) and jojoba oil, which increases the skin’s microcirculation and helps fight the effects of stress while anti-inflammatory properties moisturize deeply and penetrate the skin to soothe and soften with a long-lasting layer of moisture. This will effectively tighten the skin, provide intense humidity, and fight signs of premature aging while protecting the skin against environmental influences.

Indulge your skin with the amazing properties of Complex Eye Cream every morning and evening. Place a small amount of the gel cream on the bony part of the upper cheekbone and massage it gently from the inside to the outside of the eye until the substance is fully absorbed. Not only will the eye cream make the skin around the eyes look healthy – your makeup will also look good for even longer.

And make sure you don’t miss out on the cooling touch of storing your eye cream in the fridge – this will provide a perfect, refreshing treatment for both the skin around the eyes and yourself.

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