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Are you beginning to feel the post-summer blues as well? We might miss long nights at the beach, barbeques, and the smell of sunscreen and salt water in the air, but the least we can do is keep our skin thriving through the change of seasons. Keep reading as we let you in on how we retain our summer glow when the temperatures begin to drop.

Check in on your post-summer skin

Summer can be hard on the skin. A cocktail of salty water, high temperatures, sweat, and long periods of sun exposure can easily be a recipe for breakouts, dry, or irritated skin – not to mention the dreaded sunburns, and the effects they can leave behind on the skin.

Make sure you stay attentive to how your skin dealt with summer and note if it’s in need of any assistance. Hyaluronic acid is the golden ingredient to keep skin healthy, plump, and hydrated, and with its ability to soothe and refresh, it might be the answer to your post-summer skincare concerns.

You can find this hero-ingredient in several of our products, but we especially adore it in our Intense Hyaluronic Mask, which is the ideal treatment for skin that needs a helping hand after a summer filled with adventures.

Intense Peel Mask

Don’t settle for dull skin

So, how do we define a summer glow? We imagine soft, dewy, and sun-kissed skin that leaves us with a fresh and vital appearance.

Unfortunately, dry, tired, and dull skin are some of the (almost) inevitable outcomes of colder and harsher weather. So, how do we defeat dull skin?

Let’s introduce you (and your skin) to our Intense Peel Mask. A rejuvenating wonderworker composed of a collagen-boosting formula to balance, refresh, and renew the skin. With its amazing ability to exfoliate, dissolve dead skin cells, and trigger the production of new cells, this mask effectively combats dullness and works to ensure an even complexion and healthy skin. 


Dear reader, meet Sun Drops and Niacinamide Lifting Mist. The glow-boosting products we simply can’t let you miss out on. Our Sun Drops – or summer in a bottle, as we like to call it – are uniquely formulated tanning drops that provide your skin with a natural, radiant glow (in other words: they let us hold on to the summery appearance a little longer).

Niacinamide, a worshipped ingredient in the skincare world, targets numerous skincare concerns to encourage even, strong, and balanced skin. Enriched with this power-ingredient, cooling and energizing cucumber extract, as well as protecting and calming aloe vera, our Niacinamide Lifting Mist indulges and nourishes the skin with 2-3 simple spritz, every time it craves it. Whenever, wherever.

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