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By Team woods_

Your skin often reflects how you feel. Meaning, if you didn’t get the benefits of a good night’s sleep, neither did your skin. Keep on reading, if you want to learn how to avoid the groggy and dull look.

Moisture is key

With tired skin, it’s important to treat the problem – not cover it up. A thick layer of concealer and powder is a temporary solution that can cause long-term consequences on your skin. Use a beneficial moisturizer on the days you don’t want your skin to spill the secrets of your sleep schedule and again in the evening to prevent waking up with tired and dull skin in the morning.

Our Daily Hydra Cream is a true miracle worker when it comes to feeling and looking fresh and glowing. With the addition of actibiome, this hydration-booster enhances the skin’s natural barrier, making its defense stronger against threats and the skin less prone to impurities. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and natural sea buckthorn, it provides and locks in moisture, making the skin appear more plump, healthy, and providing it with an overall ready-for-the-day appearance.

Your eyes tell the truth

Dark circles, puffy eyes – we’ve all been there. So, how do we prevent our eyes from giving away our no-sleep secrets?

An effective eye cream is the answer to your prayers. Our Complex Eye Cream is developed to smooth, soothe, and brighten your skin. Supply with drinking lots of water, and you’re sure to avoid the dehydrated, tired look and take on the day.

Make sure to get your ZZZ’s

To put it shortly: The skin generates collagen when you sleep. And collagen is a big yes-please when it comes to skincare. The production of collagen is actually what gives your skin a plump and youthful glow, meaning the lack of collagen will make your skin more prone to sagging and premature wrinkles. So you better get sleeping if you want those skin-dreams to come true! 

Massage your way to a fresh appearance

Dealing with puffy skin that’s calling out for a nourishing treatment? Our power-combo of Sculpting Face Gua Sha and Vitamin Face Oil is a match made in skincare heaven for skin that needs extra care. Made of naturally cooling citrine crystal, our Gua Sha helps tighten and sculpt tissue while releasing and relieving muscular tensions and puffiness. Pair it with our Vitamin Face Oil enriched with soothing, nourishing oils for a hydration boost. Relieve your tensions with this spa-session essentials to feel and look your best.  

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