How to get sun-kissed skin no matter the season


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Longing for that sun-kissed tint but the season doesn’t really comply with your wish? Then you might want to read along.

While self-tanning has always been a popular practice, it can be a bit intimidating for some to head into, as the fear of orange casts and accidents of over-tanning, spots, or uneven appliances can be enough to make some shy away from it completely. But hey, that’s why we’re here!

In this blogpost, we take you through some of the reasons why the sunless way to a tan might actually be the right choice for your skin and introduce you to our Sun Drops that can help you obtain the natural-looking glow, you dream of – the easy way.


There’re several reasons why people turn to self-tanners. Besides providing your skin with a glowy surface, a tan can effectively minimize the appearance of e.g. scars and impurities. But most importantly, the utmost benefit of a self-tan is the fact that it’s safe. 

When you’re self-tanning, you don’t expose your skin to harmful UV rays from the sun, and thereby, you avoid the risks of skin damage like sun burns as well as premature signs of aging and even skin cancer. Meaning, self-tanning is a harmless way of achieving that adored, sun-kissed radiance.

To add on to the good reasons why you should opt for a self-tan instead of turning to tanning beds or prolonged periods of sunbathing (just the thought makes our skin-loving hearts shiver), good self-tanners are often blended with nourishing and hydrating ingredients that will help keep your skin soft and smooth. 

Sun Drops


Make the sun-kissed glow arrive whenever you wish for it with our beloved Sun Drops – or, as we like to call them, summer in a bottle. Formulated with natural and sugar-derived tanning-agents, these drops work with your unique skin tone to deliver immediate and long-term effects. The procedure is as simple as you might imagine: All you have to do is add a few drops to your routine to obtain a customizable tan – the more drops, the deeper the tan.

Besides enriching your skin with the flawless finish of tinted radiance, we also infused the formulation with antioxidants, vitamin C, and sodium PCA to keep your skin nourished, hydrated, and protected from extraneous threats. All we can say is: sign us up!

To ensure an even appliance – and if you’re more fond of the subtle glow – we recommend adding a few Sun Drops to your daily moisturizer. Our Daily Hydra Cream or Vitamin Face Oil are perfect additions to your Sun Drops, as their lightweight consistencies and hydrating ingredients will let the drops glide on oh-so-smoothly to leave your complexion with a luminous tint. And while you’re at it, don’t forget your body. To ensure a natural-looking bronze from head to toe, simply mix a couple of drops into your body lotion or oil, and you’re good to go. No orange residue – just perfectly hydrated and vibrant skin, no matter the season.

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