One thing is to purchase sunscreen – another is to know how to use it right. And with the sun as one of the main accelerators of premature signs of aging and various types of damage to the skin, it’s vital to know how to apply your SPF correctly to get the most out of its benefits.  

But how much do you need, where do you need to apply it, and how often? If the questions seem to keep piling up, no need to worry – that’s why we’re here. 

How much sunscreen should I use? 

Apply a generous, even layer – a teaspoon (less than a quarter fl. Oz.) for the face and a handful for the whole body (about 1.36 fl. Oz or 40 gram). 

And remember: when it comes to sunscreen, rather put on too much than too little! 

Where do I need to apply sunscreen? 

A nourishing facial sunscreen should always be part of your daily morning routine. Preferably, your facial sunscreen should serve as the last step to seal your routine and shield your complexion from harmful UV rays.  

When the temps begin to rise, the rules are simply that the body parts exposed need protection too. Meaning, even though we like bronzed legs and glowy, tinted arms, a sunburn and potential rashes are never fun to deal with – and as sunburns can develop in no more than a couple of minutes, never underestimate the necessity of SPF. 

Avoid these sunscreen mistakes 

Make sure you haven’t missed out on any parts that also deserve the caring protection of sunscreen – especially if you plan on sunbathing. Did you remember:  

  • Your hands? 
  • Your neck? 
  • Your ears? 
  • Your feet? 

Psst… Just for good measure, when going to the beach, pool, or tanning, remember to cover your whole body. We thought you figured, but better safe than sorry. 

How often should I apply sunscreen? 

Lots of factors go into how often you should apply sunscreen. Typically, a physical sunscreen calls for reappliance more often than chemical ones. 

You can learn the difference between them, and which one might be best for your skin and lifestyle in our blogpost HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT SUNSCREEN. 

Ideally, we advise that you reapply every 2 hours when you find yourself in direct sunlight – as well as after toweling, swimming, or sweating.  

This way, you ensure you’ve done your part in preserving your skin’s health. 

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