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Did you know that the first signs of aging appear on the hands and not the face? The skin on our hands requires just as much (if not more) care and attention as the rest of the body. Unfortunately, they often become an afterthought when it comes to (skin)care. Our hands are daily challenged by the hardest elements of our everyday lives; think sun, cold, water, soap and chemicals from cleaning, driving, lifting bags (and I could go on). Poor protection and super exposure leave the thin skin on our hands more vulnerable towards damage and aging. But not to worry – help is on its way.

Keep your skin in shape

Cold, grey weather and very little daylight do not only affect our mood, but also our skin - making it feel dry, dehydrated and dull. As the most exposed and the thinnest skin on our body – the hands actually age faster than the skin on the rest of our body due to constant exposure towards external elements. Our hands contain subcutaneous fat (protective fat that lies just below the main layer of the skin) and since certain areas of the body have very little subcutaneous fat (like the backs of our hands and forehead), than other areas with a lot, they are thus less protected and more exposed.

We often talk about, and are occupied with, how important and rewarding skincare routines are for the face and neck, but how often do we consider our hands as part of the essential routines? Not that often, right. Giving your hands that extra bit of love and attention makes sense when you consider how much work they actually endure contra how fragile they are. You can do some preventative work; for instance, protecting the hands with sunscreen when on holidays or using thin gloves when the air gets a bit cold. Furthermore, our hands get the moisture sapped out of them faster than pretty much any other places of our body thanks to frequently washing them. If you wash your hands in mild hand soaps without sulphate/soaps stripping away the natural oils in your skin and always follow up with a hand cream, you’re already well on your way to beautiful and healthy hands.

Top three tips

Help your hands to stay healthy and moisturized by:

1. Always applying a hand cream after washing your hands. Choose an organic one that gives instant and intense care.

2. Remembering to use cleaning gloves when cleaning or washing dishes. And yes, don’t forget the gloves during winter.

3. Sunscreen is not only for the face and body – it works the same wonders on your hands as well.

soft and well-nourished hands

Hello healthy hands

Did someone say soft, well-nourished and youthful hands? Yes please. Even though we’re rough on our hands, protecting and keeping them healthy can be done easily with a good quality hand cream. Several dermatologists have recommended to use plant-based products that include essential fatty acids and antioxidants such as shea butter and rejuvenating vitamin A and E. The conclusion? A good quality hand cream is a good investment to prevent wrinkly and dull skin.

Uplifting, hydrating and firming. Our Repairing Hand Balm is a gentle restorative balm packed with nature’s finest helpers like organic shea butter and blueberry seed oil; rich in antioxidants from pure, natural oils to help nourish, protect and rejuvenate the hands and nails. The ultra-light hand balm does not only hydrate dry winter skin but helps boost the collagen production that reduces the appearance of fine lines, irritation and age spots – the skin is eventually left plumped and firm. Essential fatty acids help the skin to retain its natural glow, softness and healthy complexion. Did we leave anything out? Ah, yes. It also absorbs almost instantly and leaves no greasy residue. Use it several times a day – leave the tube by the sink so you always remember to apply it after washing your hands and keep it on your nightstand.

Psst… It’s handbag-friendly! Let your Repairing Hand Balm follow you everywhere and use it as a therapeutic pick-me-up whenever, wherever.

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