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(Healthy) Skin is always in and should be considered your best friend. When it comes to beautiful skin, one thing is certain: having the right remedies to nurture, clean, and complement it is key. From oily and dry to super sensitive and irritated – troubled skin has a big impact on our quality of life and is proven to affect our mood. woods_copenhagen’s face gel is mainly developed to meet your skin type and skin concerns – but the needs and preferences are just as varied as the big range of products. Below, we give you 3 basic rules to get you through the many questions.

RULE #1: Know the difference

What distinguishes a gel from a face cream? Absorption and texture are two important keywords when talking about the difference between the two. Transparent and watery in their appearance, gels are typically more water-based and rather oil-free, which allows the skin to absorb them way quicker than a cream. Above that, creams also include thickening agents that give them their smoother and silky appearance. Creams are thus thicker and take longer to get absorbed in the skin while some (depending on quality) actually just lay on the skin's surface. Despite their differences, many still believe that the two products are pretty much the same. Sure, both products are used for the same thing as both products are highly effective, but there’s one main difference that sets them apart: texture!

So, just to sum it up a bit:

- Because of its lightweight consistency, a gel formula will offer an oil-free hydration boost – especially for combination and oily skin types, and in hotter months. If you aim for hydration and moisture – this is the way to go.

- Creams will, in most cases, be richer in their formulations than their gel counterparts – meaning they’re more ideal for drier skin types, especially those who may find themselves in dry climates.

daily mineral gel

RULE #2: Know where to look

Still not sure about what your skin type needs? Whether you should use a facial cream or gel depends on your skin type. Find the best one for your type of skin below.


Feels elastic, the color is even thanks to good blood circulation, and the pores are small. It’s balanced skin that is neither too oily nor too dry. 

GO FOR: A cream or gel that soaks into the skin quick and smart – smart meaning that it delivers the needed amount of moisture in the right way. Designed to pamper and strengthen the skin, our Daily Mineral Gel is formulated to provide instant and intense hydration while moisturizing and repairing e.g. sun damage and boosting the collagen production.


Should be really cared for. It’s incredibly fragile and requires gentle treatment. Sensitive skin is easily irritated and inflamed, while a burning feeling may occur now and then after wash. Respect the skin’s fragility with few, gentle products without perfume.

GO FOR: Our Daily Hydra Cream Sensitive is formulated with sensitive skin types in mind to deliver intense hydration from a gentle, fragrance-free formula. With its lightweight consistency, it'll leave a breathable and cooling layer on the skin, while the soothing ingredients work their magic to leave your complexion calm and nourished.

Add our Vitamin Face Oil to the mix to encapsulate all the enrichment of your supplementary products. This skin-indulging product is made from 100% natural oils, which effectively penetrate the skin and provide nourishment and moisture without provoking any irritation. The unique molecular composition means that it’s absorbed quickly and successfully into the skin without the feeling of the moisture just lying on the skin's surface and not penetrating the skin.


Feels dull, tight, and flaky. Wrinkles and lines are more visible on dry skin, which typically looks rough and glowless. If your skin feels tight and tense post-cleansing, be more gentle and consider replacing your product with a mild foaming cleanser (e.g. our Daily Foaming Cleanser) that lifts away dirt and impurities without drying out your skin.

GO FOR: Increasing the moisture barrier in your skin by investing in a face cream that helps balance out the loss of hydration. Our Daily Hydra Cream is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins to boost the skin’s hydration. The outcome? Revived, relaxed, and refreshed skin. 

If your skin is craving some extra hydration, use our Intense Hydra Serum as an extra base before applying the moisturizer since the two of them make the ultimate thirst quenching team. The serum is specifically formulated to protect and restore the skin’s moisture balance. Truly some of our favorite thirst-quenchers!


Is typically a combo of the categories. If you have combination skin, you will typically be oily in the T-zone, but dry on the cheeks. Thus, different products are needed for the two areas – unless you can find one that does both.

GO FOR: A hydrator that helps remove excess sebum in the T-zone and leaves a fresh and mattified feel while caring for dryness. Our Daily Mineral Gel is super ideal for the job – its water-based and non-greasy formula boosts and retains moisture while essential omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9 nurture the dry areas, improving the skin texture. Combine it with our Intense Hydra Serum in the dry areas for the most optimal result.


Tends to clog pores and collect dead skin cells due to the high production of sebum. This might result in irritation or impurities and in serious cases, acne. The skin looks shinier and the pores are very visible

GO FOR: A gel formula that offers oil-free hydration and repairing moisture. Our water-based 24-Hour Hydra Gel delivers instant and intense hydration with a matte finish and helps the skin maintain balance.

24-hour hydra gel

RULE #3: There's no right or wrong

Tailored for every situation and any skin type. Our 24-Hour Hydra GelDaily Mineral Gel and Daily Hydra Cream are remedies you can count on. One for skin that just needs a perfect maintenance and the others for skin that craves balance and attention. The common denominator? Every single one of them are packed with effective, natural, and organic ingredients. If you’ve already made up your mind and decided that it’s time to hop on the gel-wagon, our guide above gives you the ultimate shortcut and hopefully makes it easier for you to choose. Regardless of your skin type, moisturizing should be a consistent step in your daily skin care routine.
However, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to selecting a gel or a face cream (as long as you're mindful of ingredient lists). A gel is not one of those products that solely are reserved for oily or complex skin – everyone can benefit from it and the only right thing is to listen to your skin and let it guide you and not reversed. Don’t let the idea of a gel not being the traditional choice of moisture keep you from implementing one in your daily routine. You’ll be (satisfyingly) surprised.

Psst… Keep it cool! Store your face gel in the fridge - not only will you receive the normal skin care benefits, but it’ll also serve as a cool treat for your skin.

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