Exfoliation dos and don'ts


By Team woods_

Not only is a refreshing and indulging exfoliation the perfect treat during your designated me-time – the many properties of an exfoliator will also leave both immediate and long-lasting, wonderful effects on your skin. There’re two (among many) benefits to exfoliating that we especially love:

1. It effectively removes dead skin cells that can lead to a dull appearance and breakouts due to clogged pores.

2. It reveals new and healthy skin underneath, leaving a bright, fresh, and revitalized surface.

Or at least it's supposed to do that. However, the effect of your exfoliation is in your hands (literally) – it’s all about doing it the right way, so you avoid potentially harming your skin. So, let’s break down the simple rules of exfoliation with a couple of dos and don’ts, shall we?

Do get an exfoliator that actually does you good

Efficacy begins and ends with ingredients. Therefore, you should be selective about what goes on your skin – always. As mentioned, an exfoliator can be a beneficial and wonderful treatment for your skin, but it can also be the exact opposite if good quality and lots of enriching, active ingredients aren’t your top priorities when picking out one. 

Don’t exfoliate irritated skin or during a breakout

If you’re dealing with acne, breakouts, and irritated skin, the best thing you can do is also the hardest thing to do: Leave it alone. Though frustrating, impurities need time to heal, and the same goes for irritated skin. It can be tempting to think that exfoliating is a solve-all remedy, but it’s actually the best choice to leave your exfoliator on your shelf for a week or two when dealing with irritated or breakout skin, as you can end up overstraining your skin and potentially spread the bacteria causing impurities.

Do give it the time it needs to work its magic

We love to use our scrubs in the shower, and here’s why: You get the absolute most out of your product if you give it time to really work its way on your skin. 

Try using your exfoliator after shampooing, as this will ensure that your skin is damp, soft, and ready to take in all its nourishing ingredients. Then let your exfoliator soak in while you put in your conditioner, and cleanse it off afterwards while washing your hair – and voilá! Two birds with one stone, but an even more effective ritual.

Don’t over-exfoliate

We know it can be hard not to – your skin just feels so good afterwards!

No, but seriously, over-exfoliating is just doing your skin a disservice. As it’s one of the more intense treatments, overdoing it can end up disrupting your skin’s natural processes, which can lead to dry and irritated skin. So, moderation is key for the best results.

Do use SPF afterwards (no surprise here)

We’re not trying to pretend we’re breaking news when we say that SPF is a must in every skincare routine – no matter the season. But since an exfoliation will remove the outermost layer of dead skin, your complexion will be left very sensitive, which is why SPF is an (especially) good idea afterwards.  

Don’t underestimate your skin’s vulnerability afterwards

As mentioned with the importance of SPF, do not underestimate how easily affected your skin can be after an exfoliation. Be mindful of the products you use afterwards – avoid harsh ingredients and synthetic fragrances that can lead to irritations and even allergic reactions. And if you had plans to go tanning or get a facial, schedule it for another skin-indulging day – we promise you won’t regret it.

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