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By Team woods_

Getting into skincare can be confusing. Already being into skincare can be confusing. To many, learning the art of skincare can seem like an everlasting process, which is why we wish to send you off into the skincare jungle with the best foundation possible. 

Let’s go back to basics with our list of all the skincare mistakes we wish we would’ve known about before reaching for our products (and the products we wish we would’ve reached for instead, sigh…) 

Be mindful of expiration dates – yes, they (really) do matter!

Though it can be exciting to discover products in your collection you’d forgotten all about or getting a hand-me-down product from a friend who didn’t use it, there’s one crucial rule to take notice of before applying it on your skin: Check. The. Expiration. Date.

The “it’ll probably be fine” mindset simply doesn’t apply to skincare – simple as that. If a product has gone stale, it’ll only do more harm than good on your skin anyway. Trust us, it’s not worth it!

Apply that SPF

We’ve said it before, but we’ll gladly say it again: Healthy and protected skin begins and ends with applying SPF. Our nourishing SPF’s are lightweight, protecting, and perfectly moisturizing – the perfect base for your make-up or refreshing finish to the 100% natural look.

Psst… a good advice on making SPF part of your daily ritual is to place it besides your daily moisturizer, lip balm, or whatever the last step of your routine used to be. 


Do your skin a (huge) favor and don’t pile on products on top of make-up residue, SPF, grime, and build-up. The first step of every routine should always be to carefully cleanse to make sure your skin is in the best condition to take all the nourishing ingredients in.

But there’s a catch: No over-cleansing. That goes for both your regular cleanser and exfoliation rituals – overdoing it will simply end up in your skin working against you. 

If you’re new to exfoliating, or simply want to learn more about this wonderful treatment, we’ve created a list of dos & don’ts when exfoliating your skin.

Opt for natural ingredients

We’ve also been guilty of choosing our products based on pretty bottles and nice smells. Though lots of great products also have beautiful packaging, what should be your top priority when choosing a new product is the ingredient list. Avoid harsh chemicals and synthetic perfumes, and opt for natural and organic ingredients, that are only beneficial and enriching to your skin – never compromise on your skin’s health.  

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