secret beauty hacks


By Team woods_
1. Brush your brows upwards, not sideways.
This gets them fuller and more natural-looking.

2. Try to use more cream makeup.
This gives your skin a more healthy, glowy look.
For example, a multi-use cream and lip product with a cherry tint is so refreshing.

3. Always keep a concealer, a clear lip balm, and a couple of lipsticks in your bag.
It's a real quick fix to fresh up your face with a bit of under-eye brightness, color on lips and cheeks, and some balm on your cheekbones.  

Sara Rostrup skin advice

The best skin advice is to peel your skin once a week with a peel mask. I don't like the peelings with grains since I feel the most work on the outer layer of the skin – but the ones with acid go deeper down into the skin and loosen up dead skin cells, work on the texture of the skin, and increase the blood circulation. I really love Intense Peel Mask from woods_ and often recommend it to clients and models with dry skin they can't beat. There's no use in spending loads of money on good oils and moisturizers if you keep putting them on the skin with layers of dead skin. This has to go and then you can work on feeding the skin with moisture and good stuff.  

In my beauty cabinet, I have insanely many products. It's not normal, but it's my job. I change up my routine all the time and try new products because that's my job. But products I always come back to is EGF serum from Bioeffect because it's an amazing night serum that gives you immediate results in glow, moisture and fewer fine lines. My daytime serum is currently Intense Hydra Serum from woods_ copenhagen. It's so refreshing and soothing for the skin. I'm also obsessed with Korres shower gels. Their scents are so fresh and aromatic and a great shower gel gives you the best shower experience and start of the day. I also often mix A Hint of Summer, which are self-tanning drops from the Rudolph Care in my body lotion to give my skin a bit of color. And I have so many moisture masks and peels. Those two in combination are lifesavers for your skin. 

Sara Rostrup beauty routine

My beauty routine is cleansing, probiotics, serum, moisturizer, SPF, and eye cream. Once or twice a week, I peel and put on a moisture mask and I try to dry brush my face every morning. It's an amazing way to wake up, both mentally and to get the blood circulation going. 

When I'm sleep-deprived or traveling, I always fill my bag with sheet masks and a gua sha. Loads of moisture and some outwards and upwards massage motion for the face is always a winner. And woods_ copenhagen's Lip Repair is amazing. It heals the most chapped and dry lips in no time. I always keep it in my bag when traveling and all models love it.

My beauty insecurity is body hair. I really hate body hair, even though it's quite politically incorrect right now. I will get laser hair removal after this lockdown and I can't wait. Can't live without a really good concealer! My favorite is Double Wear Brush-On Glow from Estée Lauder that covers my dark circles and brightens the area around my eyes. It takes a few years of my face for sure. 

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