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We all know that winter calls for lots of caring for the skin. Dehydrated, red, and flaky skin are just some of the symptoms that need a little extra attention because of the low temperatures. And what better way to offer your skin a much-needed treatment than with an effective exfoliator? Fortunately, the search for the perfect exfoliator has never been easier, as Vogue Scandinavia composed a list of the 15 best exfoliators for radiant skin this winter – ready for you (and your skin) to dive into.

Here you’ll find our favorite Deep Cleansing Scrub:

“Fragrance-free and recommended for all skin types, woods_ copenhagen’s Deep Cleansing Scrub utilizes glycolic acid and multi-sized micrograins of environmentally friendly, natural volcanic rhyolite finely ground to deep-cleanse the skin.”

We adore this cleansing scrub for its purifying and anti-aging properties, as well as its nutritious base that’s completely free from soap. Enriched with nourishing Nordic oils, antioxidants, and vitamin C, D, and E, it’ll effectively activate cell regeneration, stimulate collagen production, and preserve the skin’s natural moisture balance, providing it with the hydration it’s probably longing for during the colder seasons. And last, but not least, it’ll give your skin the boost it needs without drying it out – which is especially beneficial for tired winter-skin.


No worries, because Vogue brought quotes from our founder, Martin Lyne, to explain exactly how you should exfoliate. So, how often should you pamper your skin with this skincare treat? “No more than once a week with a scrub if your skin is on the dry side, or twice a week if skin is oily and acne prone.” And Martin adds: “If you are too diligent with your favorite scrub or peel, you might end up disrupting your skin barrier, leaving it vulnerable and sensitive to external stressors. Instead of a bright, buffed and smooth complexion, you may experience a burning sensation, redness and irritation.”

And there you have it: Exactly why and how you should enrich your skin with an exfoliator – and why it’s especially a good idea to do so during winter.

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