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By Team woods_

It’s itchy, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s unwanted. Dry skin can seem like a curse, which is why we want you to avoid pitfalls that can potentially make it worse. Get to know your skin even better as we take you through 3 common myths about dry skin – DEBUNKED.

MYTH ONE: “Never exfoliate dry skin”

False! We all know hydration is an essential part of treating dry skin. But if you want your moisturizer to reach its full potential, exfoliating is key. As exfoliating removes the outermost layer of dead skin, it paves the way for all the beneficial ingredients in your products, making them perform more effectively and the results even better. Let our Deep Cleansing Scrub work wonders in your skincare routine with its purifying and exfoliating properties. This super-cleanser rinses off all dirt of the day in a deep-cleanse devotion to leave your skin smooth and protected.

Deep cleansing scrub

MYTH TWO: “Dry skin equals dehydrated skin”

False – again. Dry skin is a skin type characterized by a lack of oil in the skin, which can result in redness, tightness, and flakes. Because it’s a skin type, it’s something you’re naturally born with – meaning, you can’t change it completely. What you can do is enrich your skin with lots of hydration and moisture to ease, hydrate, and calm it.

Your skin can naturally get progressively dryer as you age, a process you can help prevent by investing in great products with lots of nourishing ingredients.

Dehydrated skin, on the other hand, is a skin condition anyone can fall victim to, as it can be triggered by external conditions like harsh weater, your water-intake, and environmental factors. Therefore, you’re not necessarily at fault for your skin feeling dry, irritated, and itchy – which is why it’s so important to listen to your skin, so you can treat it the way it requires and deserves.

MYTH THREE: “Dry skin is a seasonal issue”

Well, it’s hard to debunk this one completely, and let’s tell you why. As mentioned, having dry skin is a permanent and irreversible condition, meaning you probably deal with issues such as tight, itchy, and flaky skin all year round if you have dry skin. Therefore, it’s important to find a routine that compliments your skin every day, no matter the season. And try not to change up your routines too much in general, so your skin gets a chance to get used to and benefit from the wonderful properties of your products – and to avoid unnecessary and uncomfortable reactions.

If you experience the effects of dehydrated skin during the changes of season, you should try to take small steps to meet your skin’s needs. Try looking for a richer moisturizer and use a hydrating mask more frequently. In the end, your skin will always tell you exactly what it needs – it’s about reading the signs.

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