The perfect substitute (or addition)


By now, you might have full control over the wonderful and giving products for your face and hands, but you shouldn’t forget the body. Body oils could be the secret to healthy, beautiful-looking skin. Not only do they have a therapeutic effect after a warm shower, they also inject instant moisture locking in hydration that provides glowy, plumped-up skin – much more than your regular body lotion. Below we’ve listed 3 perfect benefits of body oil and reasons for why it should become part of your daily body care routine right away. As in asap.


The first one does not exclude the other – they just make an impact in their own special way, and together they work as the ultimate partners. Both body oils and body lotions are designed to moisturize and nurture our skin. However, the difference between the two lies in their complexion and how they are absorbed. Body oil might seem like a distant alternative, but it’s the perfect substitute for a body lotion. Rich in essential fatty acids, such as omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 that balance, detoxify and moisten our skin – body oil instantly soaks into the outer layer of the skin and promptly enhances the skin’s quality and overall skin tone.

There are many factors that explain why a body oil is the perfect investment, but the loudest is the ability to heal and protect. Body oil is made up of molecules that penetrate the skin’s layers way faster and deeper than a lotion maximizing the amount of moisture your skin already retains. Unlike body lotions, the majority of body oils are simply made of a mixture of soothing oils -nothing more. While body lotions might be a blend of water, oil and waxy substance called an emulsifier. Above all, body oils help with creating a protective barrier against external negative pollutions and influences while cleaning out and giving a refreshing feel to the pores.

The ultimate shortcut for instant moisture? Definitely yes.

Body Lotions often penetrate the skin relatively slow and only hydrate the upper layers. Body oils nourish your skin in depth and strengthen the outer protective barrier.



Our body absorbs everything we feed it, why it’s important that we feed it with pure and organic nutrition. When your skin feels dry, tight and maybe even starts to peel, it’s trying to let you know that it lacks moisture. Oil is the healthiest way to meet this need: not only does it work more effectively on the skin, but its active and natural ingredients seal in moist and give a quick result. And besides tending to have a healing and soothing effect, body oils also support the cells’ regenerating process.Extra fullness, more glow and aging protection? Body oils do an excellent job of preventing moisture from leaving our skin. The body is our tool for everyday life. It’s not only important to keep it healthy and in good shape, but also well-nourished and indulged – on the inside as well as on the outside. Body oil can have impressive results when it comes to plumping up and protecting the skin with an extra boost of hydration.So, what about the greasy part, you’re probably thinking by now. Does body oil leave the skin feeling all greasy? Not at all. Despite its name (body oil), it’s lightweight and non-greasing when first on the skin.The point is that it works way faster and deeply because of its high concentration.


Our skin produces its own natural oil, called lipids. Basically, they’re the skin’s own natural fats. They help keep the moisture in while dirt and impurities are left out. They also help your skin’s natural repair process. Body oil resembles the natural oils that your skin produces, causing your skin to warmly welcome this well-known nourishment. You don’t even have to fear clogging your pores or breakout since the oil travels at a higher speed. Best of all? A body oil’s secret is its potency. The high concentration makes it suitable for every skin type (even complex and oily), but particularly dry, very dry and sensitive skin.The most important factor that should influence your final decision, is your skin. Take time to figure out what level of hydration your body needs – additionally, you don’t have to decide. You can give both body oil and lotion a try. It’s merely a question of what your skin needs rather than which product is the best. Try adding a few drops of body oil to your favorite body lotion – this will give your skin a great hydration boost. Or use an oil under your daily cream and do not be afraid that your skin will shine – it won’t. If you still find that an oil provides too much moisture during daytime, use it under your night cream and let it penetrate the skin while you sleep.


A little goes a long way. Another rewarding benefit of an oil is how economical it can be. A body oil is extremely durable, and you can get far with just a bit. You’ll be surprised how much a few drops will spread.
We’ve crafted our Nourishing Body Oil with all-natural and organic bases, to release the endless list of benefits and nutrients into your skin. Our body oil is made from pure Nordic essential oils as cloudberry and blueberry seed oil extract to moisturize, soothe and rejuvenate the skin.
It counteracts dryness, lack of elasticity and premature aging by brightening, nurturing and protecting the skin. In other words, it revives the skin and gives it a healthy and warm glow. The oil can be used in many ways – depending on what your skin needs.
Soft, super-silky skin and a protected barrier. Apply the oil while your skin is still a bit damped after your bath. This is when the skin needs extra moisture and is more absorbent towards all the benefits. If you’re in a slow-Sunday-selfcare-mood, add a few drops of the oil into a warm bath. As you soak, the body oil and bath water will gently hydrate your skin.So, is it worth the money? The answer is obviously yes!Psst… Health and beauty come within – our body oil is so pure and simple in formulation that it’s even safe to eat.