In harsh and ice-cold environments, nature holds the most powerful, rare and potent ingredients with strong antiaging skincare properties - to protect, restructure and regenerate skin tissue. 

Antarcticine is a glycoprotein originally derived from bacterial strain found in the icy and desolate landscapes of Kind George Island, Antarctica. Its function in nature is to protect the bacteria against harsh conditions and frigid temperatures.

We’ve integrated this rare and powerful skin-perfecting ingredient in your woods_ skincare ritual by crafting uniquely formulated serums – each containing antarcticine. When added to woods_ serums, antarcticine restructures and regenerates tissue, hydrates and effectively increases collagen and elastin in as little as 48 hours - reducing wrinkle depth. Due to its ability to modify the morphology of ice crystals, it has a cryoprotective effect protecting and rejuvenating skin exposed to cold and harsh weather conditions.