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We love our Daily Foaming Cleanser for multiple reasons. Its ability to gently cleanse the skin while effectively preventing impurities and breakouts makes it a true must-have for every skincare routine. But don’t just take it from us: Vogue Scandinavia marked our Daily Foaming Cleanser as

“(...) the gold-standard for a gentle, non-stripping cleanser as the surfactant is coconut-based rather than SLS.”

As this cleanser is packed with enriching properties, we’d have to agree with Vogue that you can’t miss out on the amazing effects it’ll offer to your skin. With its content of 100% natural cleansing actives, the skin is left clean and refreshed, while a dose of cucumber extract leaves the skin soothed and energized. And, as mentioned by Vogue: “The inclusion of aloe vera is nice, too, as it cools angry skin.” All these amazing goodies are big reasons why Daily Foaming Cleanser has already earned a permanent spot on many of our customers’ skincare shelves. Not only does it provide the skin with a treatment itself – but it’ll also effectively prepare the skin for all the nourishing products of your skincare regimen to come. Discover what Vogue Scandinavia had to say about our wonder-cleanser and the importance of cleansing.

Perfect your double-cleansing routine

Double cleansing is currently the new black in the skincare world. And it’s actually as simple as it sounds: First, cleanse your face with an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup, build-up, and pollution. Then go in with a water-based cleanser to remove excess build-up and stubborn impurities to leave your skin thoroughly cleansed. Let our new, oil-based Cleansing Balm wash away the day and finish your double-cleansing routine with Daily Foaming Cleanser for a fresh and clean finish. Learn more about the art of cleansing in our blog post on double cleansing

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