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Jonas Anderson

Model and sports enthusiast Jonas Anderson gives us 3 of his best advices on how to stay healthy inside and out.

HACK 1: Eternal repetition

For me, the key to staying healthy lies in the eternal repetition of everyday life. I am a very active person who loves a physical challenge. Playing sports has been a big part of my everyday life ever since I started elementary school. I have tried most sports, but I definitely spend most of my time playing basketball. A physical sport that requires unity, a great deal of communication in stressful situations, and to overcome ups and downs on and outside of the court as a team. Something we all face in everyday life. Adversity is something you quickly learn to overcome through whatever kind of physical activity that will challenge your physical state.

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HACK 2: Greens and fruits are your best friend

The second most important thing is definitely what I eat. I start my day with a smoothie packed with loads of greens, fruits and vitamins, of course, followed by a cup of coffee. This makes for a really good start to my day, and after that I adapt my diet to what I do. My diet consists mainly of vegetables of every kind, meat here and there, and finally a nougat Ritter Sport to snack on.

HACK 3: Care for your skin and hair

My job requires me to always be ready for a photo shoot. Therefore, it’s super important for me to follow my routine: I start by adjusting my beard, and then cut my hair, followed by a hot shower (I always end it with 30 seconds of cold water to close up my pores). Here, I scrub my chest and abdomen and add woods_Daily Foaming Cleanser, which makes my face feel fresh and clean. After the shower, I add woods_Pore Minimizing Serum followed by woods_24-hour Hydra Gel to balance, moisturize, and nourish my skin.

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