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 Dry skin is a common skin condition characterized
by a lack of hydration in the top layer of the skin -
causing fine flakes and dry patches.






Dry skin is a common skin condition characterized by a lack of hydration in the top layer of the skin - causing fine flakes and dry patches. There is no simple explanation of dry skin. It can come from genetics, deficient proteins, low temperatures, ageing and issues in your overall health.


Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day – and that your skincare routine boosts collagen production, adds and locks in moist keeping your skin well hydrated all day. For dry patches or extra dry areas use a spot treatment that nourishes and reduces any irritation.


Daily Routines – mornings and evenings

Daily Foaming Cleanser

Use a gentle cleanser with soothing and hydrating ingredients that cleanses without drying out your skin and stripping it of its natural oils. Daily Foaming Cleanser is a carefully formulated and mild daily cleanser infused with organic cucumber and aloe vera to calm, cool and protect.

Avoid bar soaps and harsh scrubs.


Apply Intense Hydra Serum to clean skin. This serum is formulated with organic seaweed and pseudoalteromonas ferment extract for deep and lasting hydration. Anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-itch properties coupled with a cooling sensation and humectant qualities make it especially ideal for skin that is dry.


Apply Niacinamide Lifting Mist. Niacinamide is often referred to as a multi-tasking skincare superhero that can handle a big amount of skincare concerns. From barrier function to healing of troubled skin and stimulation of collagen production.


Apply Complex Eye Cream gently around the eye area. Made with line-smoothing and skin-tightening AGH and nourishing jojoba seed oil, it hydrates, brightens and reduces wrinkles and puffiness. AGH protects the delicate skin against external factors such as pollution and sun exposure.


Use a moisturizer with anti-inflammatory properties that matches your skin type. Daily Hydra Cream is formulated to deliver instant and intense hydration with hyaluronic acid that works as a magnet for moisture. Natural sea buckthorn is rich in fatty acids, vitamins and omega 3,6, 9 and 7 that work to deeply hydrate and reduce inflammation.


Get the complete skin routine 




 Extra Treatment - when needed

For extra dry spots and chapped lips apply Instant Repair Balm, an intensely moisturizing balm with multiple benefits formulated with natural shea butter, buckthorn and cloudberry seed oils for concentrated care. Shea Butter nourishes the skin and is rich in vitamins A, D, E and F to restore elasticity, reduce irritation and lines, and soften dry skin without clogging pores.


Extra treatment - two - three times per week

Give yourself an exfoliating treatment that removes dry and flaky skin, reduces inflammation, redness and blackheads. Make sure your skin gets plenty of hydration afterwards. Intense Peel Mask is a tightening and peeling facial gel-mask formulated with lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids to effectively exfoliate, dissolve dead skin cells and trigger the production of new cells. The collagen-boosting formula contains willow tree extract to calm and nourish and anti-inflammatory lactic acid helps to keep skin balanced, leaving it feeling refreshed and renewed.

These steps should be added to your routine right after the first step: Cleansing the skin. Apply a thin layer of Intense Peel Mask. Start by using 2–4 minutes, depending on skin type. As the skin builds up resistance leave it on longer if needed. The combination of active ingredients may cause a natural reaction of temporary skin redness. Rinse with warm water and apply Intense Hyaluronic Mask. Leave it on until fully absorbed. Finish the routine with the rest of your daily steps. 







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