Netflix movie options.  Cheap cologne. Unread emails. Sometimes, less is definitely more, and that goes for your skin as well - a healthy natural glow is more stunning than anything else. That’s why we are uncompromising when it comes to a product’s quality and performance: ingredients should be pure, natural and organic and, ultimately, they should work. We’d rather go for fewer highly active ingredients sourced in raw nature and merged in innovative formulations for a maximum effect without all the unnecessities than overdoing it resulting in one ingredient weakening another. This effortless-glow routine is simple, smart and sustainable. 


With the highest quality and purity standards and a commitment to both sustainability and performance, all our products are made from raw, pure and pollution-free natural ingredients full of anti-aging properties, antioxidants and essential omega oils. We choose our ingredients for their potency and efficacy, their natural, Nordic origin, and the sustainability of their harvest.



Arctic spring water is an integral component of our products and a natural choice when creating a game-changing line of sustainable and highly effective skincare. The water serves as a vehicle for active ingredients, and we can all agree that a car moves more goods faster than your old squeaky bike. In fact, Arctic spring water has several essential benefits in our formulas:


Benefits - to name a few:

1) The Arctic spring water is rich in oxygen, it is a natural source of hydration making it an essential part of the skin’s natural protective barrier. 

2) It has never met human pollution and is glaciers and cold arctic air in liquid form. 

3) It is free from toxins, pesticides and phtalates. 

4) The purity of the water and a low TDS allow ingredients to work actively and absorb much more effectively into the skin (Fact: WHO recommends drinking water up to 500 TDS. The mineral level of the water used in our products is less than 50 TDS)


Responsibly sourced:

The water is sourced from a natural spring in northern Greenland where it is tapped by local Greenlandic workforce, without damaging the surrounding nature. When shipped to Denmark, it is transported on cargo ships that would otherwise return empty from Greenland.